Thursday, February 12, 2009

thusday thirteen

snice it was my purrday in feburady i thought i should tell every one 13 about me Maxie

1. Me Love feet the smellyer the better.... this make mama Laura Laugh becuse mu shue used to have the same habbbit and she thought it was strange.

2. Me love my sticky goodness but only eat it in front of mama Laura NO OTHER PEPOLE

3. Me furry Notrenal me only eat stickygoodness at night and me love to play at night

4, My favort toy is my feather wand i play for hours

5. I just leaned it okay to be on funcher and in the bed and that it make mama smile and bring out treets

6. Me only eat grain free food. Mama thinks grains are bad

7. My name is Maxwell Mufsa Millon. ALL the M were for mu shue but When mama picked me up the lady said I thin he can be the mightly Lion he wants to be now. So me got the name Mufsa from the lion king and Millon cuse Mama said me had a millon little holes to fill.

8. Me love to be called Maxie or Max Max. Maxwell is to formal and Max is to short

9. MY nick name is Maxie Waxie

10. I only like thing on my trems I can be very very dangous if me hiss that me me done

11. When me go to the vet me let out on mewo one his then me go to CRAZY CAT state me hurt the vet and the photo go . Me get over stumalated

12. My faviort clorols are yellow and blue Yellow like my yellow banket on my pong and bule like my pong chair

13. Me in love wiff me sock kitty me sleep wiff her all the time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tatle tail tuseday

I asked maxie about vaitnitnes day and he did not understand at all he said he going to ask his sock kitty tutlila to be his vlaintine ........ sigh is ther any help for him !!!!! Plaese some set him streight

I asked a very creinten handsom yankess lover Joba hater cat to be my vatintine for the 3rd year in a row and he not asnwered me yet and I ASKED HIM 3 TIMES. sigh

Monday, February 9, 2009

Man Cat Maxie Monday

Who ya calling wide body it all fuffy on this man can !!!!!! And yes this Grizzy dose blognong to me no green looks good with my fur and mama said it makes her heart fell good that i on it

Thursday, February 5, 2009

looking for home

Well some of you might rember that Jefferson that the mangment compmeny that own are building gave us are home last year after the press got involed. Well we cant belive it been a year but it has now it time to move on in April. We looking now. They want to raise the rent by over 300 and the compeny went got taken over again cuse they had no money. My mama is finding new place for us to live please purr rember last year we had a hard time adjusting only adjeted becuse of mu shue. Mama very worried about Maxie he dose not do change well at all. It takes him along time to adjst. Mama has a few leads on great apt that even better then this one for a little more green pappers but they huge huge huge.

Lilly Lu

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

easly like the day before maxie purrday sunday

Well Maxie it maybe almost you brithday but i figger it still time for a reminder I own every thing !!! In cudling your bed Mr Maxie ....moooo Ha Ha.... What do you have to say to that Mr Maxie??

What ever Lilly Ye sleep on the bed on the floor .... I moved up into a pong chair made for a prince
Tmorow maxie truns 2 yup ....

That can oly mean one thing Fling am -ming string party !!!!!