Sunday, April 29, 2012

Man cat Maxie Monday

With Mama Laura Just recoveing or trying to revover and not doing a good job at haveing her belly rewired so she will be thin I dieced the only manly thing to do was to help Lilly Lu and brow my head into her so she can get the bitty after all i am in charge of this recovery becuse i am the man cat

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Thanks all who cam by for my gota day  I am sorry we not been able to post mama has her tummy rewired and she was in the hosptial for a few day then she had somthing called "dummping sydrom" this happens when mamaa eats something her body dose not like or need.  yesterday becuse her new tummy can not eat any dairy prodictics at all that means i did not get my beloved wippy cream or ice cream for my gota day but mama broke down and in all he pain let me have my greenies here i am with my geenie face before i chomp down.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

snoozy sunday

Sung to the tune of  I am dream of a white chrismims

I am dreaming  of geenies
Just like they used to Be
Were the geenies were plunful
and they  were given when i beg

as you can tell this is the only way  i get these now i have to take matters into my own paws last night and just ate though the bag till i got my greenies Mama said since she still sufffering we not getting treats she only aloud 3 shakes a day and all the broth and veggies she can eat and small heathy meal and no treats

Saturday, April 14, 2012

You Want What ??? Have you lost you mind

It offical My Mama Has lost her mind she preparing for her gastic bi pass and well that means she deiting big time she doing her pre opt deit and figers every thing in the house should suffer wiff her so put every one on deit less trees more exsise  Thank good for MR BG and are sticky Beans or we get no treats what so ever They been sneeking out of mama way to go to fast food mama find  out she said we all need to eat hleathy so we do not land up exra fluffy like her I like being fufffy Pass the Greenies I  were starving here as mama  gets ready to change her life dose not mean she has to change ours

Friday, April 13, 2012

Under cover Mouse

The best thing happen to us a huge box of toys from nip and bone the best was the under cover mouse we all enjoyed it. Mama is going to uses it one hour before and after meal time I was so tired yesteday I sleep though the entire night wiff out my normal 3 am wake up to beat up Lilly Lu and run though the house like my tail is on fire  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nip Pickel

My mama said yestorday was mu shue pooh hero day and she said mu shue loved his nip and his favort collor was green so it was nip pickels for all i enjoyed my nip pickle from tickel pickel on Lilly Lu grizzy quil I also took over the flying pickel and Lilly Lu Nip Pickel Ex Large is now mine

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mu shue Pooh Hero day

It that time a year were I Lilly Lu bow my head and rember my frist fur bother Mu shue. It was on April 11 that Mu shue saved me from a fire in my apt. He will always be my hero he may have not love me but he knew that  Mama Laura did so he saved me and Iris when mama was not able. Mu shue we know rainbow bridge is better cuse your there happy hero day

 Lilly Lu  and Iris

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our thoughts on thusday

Mama is going to have her gasticbipass on april 24 she will be gone for 3 to 4 days I going to miss her Mama Bought maxie chicken treets but did not get me any greenies I love chicken greenies I do not like frezed dryed chicken. Passsover is this Firday Mama is haveing alot of pepole over the house and the kids each learned one of the four questions in herwebrew. Then on sunday is easter and Mr BG invited over all his family  My easter dress was too short i want a new one. Speaking of  new one I want a new set of sibling who will let me be and stop chaceing me and will stop trying to eat my greenies.

Lilly lu

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maxie vrs the Vet

The vet came to my house today and at frist i played all nice nice too the vet lady and her tec i ate some chicken treats and got waied I lost weight I 12lb it time for me to eat more can food mama Laura said no way then I trned into Pysco Kitty with hissing growling biting they brought out the hawk gloves I ripped them in to pice wiff my hissing mewoing bitting they manged to give me two shots brake my collor and  manged to not need any shots or exams for 3 years go me go me Mama thanked them and was so glad they made house calls and said i was not the worst cat they ever seen i goinng to work on that i have 3 years to sharpen my theeth and claws


Monday, April 2, 2012

The is comming For the Man Cat

Welll I learned something very deserbing the vet is commming to my house to do my shots This is happing tommmoew to make up for it Mamma Laura Let me have a Huge shopping spree at Nip and Bones she said she not going to let Babby Patches store go under and I getting new toys and My treet draw will be getting filled wiff nummys

I can't wait for my undercover mouse Tubro track toy wiff light up ball and bet a new catnip Ball becuse i lost mine and some pleg rats and a Yowal cat nip toy and best of all TREATS IN CHICKEN  I forogot the Neno bug toy but that okay Then she get me a Nip pickel  I cant wait till my stash comes

So were have we been well we been helping mommy she been getting ready to have sugery on her tummy to remove a big part of it so she will not beable to eat treats any more. and will not be fuffy any more it called a Gastric Bypass and we been helping her wiff her diet LL makes sure she eats all the wippy cream before mama and get it and I make sure to eat her turcky sandwitches after all i dont want to help her be fuffly I should only do my duity

Mama will be in the hospital 2 or 3 days wiff out us she said it maybe the best sleep she ever gets since Lilly Lu and I have it out on the Big bed 3 or 4 times a night and Iris gets involed too