Saturday, April 28, 2012


Thanks all who cam by for my gota day  I am sorry we not been able to post mama has her tummy rewired and she was in the hosptial for a few day then she had somthing called "dummping sydrom" this happens when mamaa eats something her body dose not like or need.  yesterday becuse her new tummy can not eat any dairy prodictics at all that means i did not get my beloved wippy cream or ice cream for my gota day but mama broke down and in all he pain let me have my greenies here i am with my geenie face before i chomp down.


Nerissa said...

Really glad you had a good gotcha day, complete with greenies. Hope your mommy feels better soon. Maybe you can have some cream another time soon. purrs

Sparkle said...

Happy belated birthday, Lilly Lu! I hope your human's body adjusts to her new stomach soon!

Angel and Kirby said...

We hope Mama Laura is feeling better!