Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our thoughts on thusday

Mama is going to have her gasticbipass on april 24 she will be gone for 3 to 4 days I going to miss her Mama Bought maxie chicken treets but did not get me any greenies I love chicken greenies I do not like frezed dryed chicken. Passsover is this Firday Mama is haveing alot of pepole over the house and the kids each learned one of the four questions in herwebrew. Then on sunday is easter and Mr BG invited over all his family  My easter dress was too short i want a new one. Speaking of  new one I want a new set of sibling who will let me be and stop chaceing me and will stop trying to eat my greenies.

Lilly lu


Nerissa said...

Your dress is too short? Well, that will not do!

Sparkle said...

Don't look here for siblings that won't eat your Greenies - I don't have one like that either!

Baby Patches said...

Hai Lilly Lu, Callie, Maxie and Mikey! I sorry you no likes the freeze dried chickens, sure you don't wants to give them a try? My sisfur didn't likes them at first but once she gots a taste she always crying for them likes a mad cat. MOL

Maxie, thanks for stopping by my bloggie and I is so glad you loving the chicken! Momma has your order all packed up and its on its way to you today, fun stuff!

I hopes everything goes well with your momma's surgery and momma says good for her. HUGS and Purrrrrrrrrs

Angel and Kirby said...

We hope you have a great Easter