Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maxie vrs the Vet

The vet came to my house today and at frist i played all nice nice too the vet lady and her tec i ate some chicken treats and got waied I lost weight I 12lb it time for me to eat more can food mama Laura said no way then I trned into Pysco Kitty with hissing growling biting they brought out the hawk gloves I ripped them in to pice wiff my hissing mewoing bitting they manged to give me two shots brake my collor and  manged to not need any shots or exams for 3 years go me go me Mama thanked them and was so glad they made house calls and said i was not the worst cat they ever seen i goinng to work on that i have 3 years to sharpen my theeth and claws



Angel and Kirby said...

Maxie, you are a champ!

Sparkle said...

I would like to know about the cat who is worse than you, Maxie! I bet you would too - you need to find out who you need to beat!