Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cellbrateing Maxie One year latter

Maxie this is a year in your life. This was the very frist time i met you I gave you a toy you loved it. Look how skinny you look there and so kitten like. I never wanted a kitten when i took you i found out you were only one latter. I fell in love with you the frist time I saw you. I knew mu shue sent me you. The frist night and mouth you settled in under a desk you were afrid to jump on any funrture.. I used to begg you to come out and sit near me but you were on your best behivior

right around the time of your second brithday you started to relax. I love you so much. I am sorry for all the mean things I said about you not being mu shue. Maxie you never have to be Mu shue you just need to be my little Lion my Maxie

Maxie you grown into a man cat. You have taught us more than any one could imainge. You make me happy just to have you and letting me love you so. Ashlynn would be lost with out with out you, I would be too. Your the best Maxie there could be. I leaned so much from you. They say you need to under stand cat boady langue to take care of a cat. But to take care of you we had to learn Maxie.

Maxie lanuge is very special. A flop on the side mean leave me alone. Q ing mean i hot trun on the Ac higher
mewo means i getting up set
Hiss= I am over stumated if you don't go i will and have attack
Purrrrrr =I love your stinky feet take of your shoes so i can rub my head agaist them
Stand out side the kitchen= It must be dinner time
Stand at the fridge = Why have you not feed me yet.
Running man by your water bowl= I want you to clean my water bowl again and reflill it with poland springs
Standing out side my your litter box= ummm excise me i neeed to uses the litter box could you please scoop it before i have to pee on you shoes.
hiding behide furter in crouch pistion = Waitig for lilly lu to walk thought that door i bord and it time to make her do the Nascat 500.
Laying at the end of the hall with iris at the other= were is Lilly Lu? We bord and want to play Lilly Lu in the center
Laying in a pink bed. = Every thing should be mine I am cute
Stand on the table.= Were Lilly Lu I read for some entrement I ready for a good dive bomb
Maxie My little lion my life would be borning with out you Thanks for being part of it. Happy Gotya day

It all started one year ago today

One year ago today it all started I showed Lilly lu and iris this picuter. They were both very depresed over mu shue lost and did not know what to do one year ago i told the girls they be gettig a ginger suprize at 7pm the next sight. The girls were lots with out mu shue very depresed today marks the start of good thing
Maxie My little ginger boy your no longer that little lion cub your now my full gown mighty lion and i love you so Tomorow is his real gota day the day we welcomed Maxie home. The day he went from Rusty to Maxwell Mufsa Millon our Maxie
One year ago toady I showed