Sunday, November 25, 2007

sad Sunday

Kallie sister of my very great and special freind Jetter Hairs the great JH went to rainbow bridge on thusday. Kallie was 17 just a little older than mu shue. she was found in province town ma by her mama and daddy. she never let the Ma blood out of her unlike JH she was a red sox fan . Please drop by JH's and leave his family a little note.

Kayla watch over kallie and untill we meet a rainbow bridge run fee kallie

Saturday, November 24, 2007

dear santy paws

I going to meet santa paws next weekend and i figeerd i get my letter so i can give it to his

Dear santy paws,

It me Lilly Lu the spotted cat i been very very very good this year Okay Okay I been good this year okay okay I tried to be good that should count. I only had a few out side box accdents in my deffenice it was only cuse the box was not up to standers. and paw punched mu shue a few time. But again self defeince he gets carried away wiff his tough. and hissed at iris a few time okay maybe a few more. I been working on this nesting thing it furry hard and I am sorry about the 150 gift card mama lost and found in one my nest.

I done alot of good fings too. I actioned off my pink banna for tea cup ( be a peice at rainbow brige) I rooted for the red sox ( cuse they the best) I was the offical spotted good luck charm. I shared temp-tay-tions wiff mu shue and helped keep evey one iformed in pink when he went to raido cat. I been a fashion setter in the blogphire I started fashion show firday and spotted sunday.

Now down to the big stuff my list

I like peace one earth
home for all cats
no more sick kittys
plese help make mu shue not so sick any more

and now down to my other half of my wish list
More cute fashion in pin'
More hello kittys
a stoking filled wiff dairy tem-tay-tions
a new bed
tuky and toona fancey feast
toon juice
and ice creama few gallons full
and a big gallon of milk to wash down all that ice cream

Thank You

Lilly Lu

Friday, November 23, 2007

fashion show firday

This is my boston red sox world chamipon shirt !!!!! The BG (big guy) said it import to root for the right team i could not argeee more. He likes to watch my boys wiff me and mama right now we bussy watching the guys called pats.

He gave mama a big shinny thing for her finger. It furry purtty. I was upset i was left out so the mama laura and mr ( BG) said i could be the flower cat at there wedding. Me the Flower cat. Well i might need to be the older flower cat case they getting married in Mami FL near daisy !!
I love daisy maybe she gets to be a flower cat too he said i can call him daddy but i fink i going to keep him as mr BG for now. Mu shue is all exited cuse he getting his very own MR TF yup you heard it hear frist MR TF like skeezix's mr TF but for mu shue It Tasy Feet. Mu shue said he has the tasty feet in all the world

Friday, November 16, 2007

sweeter for Sat

The big guy know how import fashion is thats why when i complaned about my winter sweeter colloction he got me this wonderful pink one. It show of my spots and every fing The big guy has something shinny for mama that she thinks she getting sat night because they going out to her faviort resart for din din. I told him the way to give the shinny thing was at fenway park where he ask her. But he not listened to me so they go out all fancey. Next week mama and the big guy are taking me to meet santy paws I made my list and cheeked it twice now all i have to do is get my outfit

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fashion show Firday ( this proves skeezix has been in my closet)

I been finking that skeezix has raided my closet so i went though the mounds out clothing and came up wiff some top noch prooff
Example 1: I am the cats mewo and know it in this shirt also seen on the beloved skeeix

Example two: My spotted tang top This said lilly Lu all over it after all who the spotty girl
Example Three: Mt flowerer tang top I love this thing !!! I seen it on skeezix too!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

spotty sunday

They are spots not devial l horns like Mu shue would have you to belive