Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fashion show Firday ( this proves skeezix has been in my closet)

I been finking that skeezix has raided my closet so i went though the mounds out clothing and came up wiff some top noch prooff
Example 1: I am the cats mewo and know it in this shirt also seen on the beloved skeeix

Example two: My spotted tang top This said lilly Lu all over it after all who the spotty girl
Example Three: Mt flowerer tang top I love this thing !!! I seen it on skeezix too!!


Tara said...

I love those clothes! You have great taste, and Skeezix would agree!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

well they say great minds dress alike ~~THe Fluffy TRibe

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a lock for your closet would
help.He does have great taste though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the deleted comment. I keep telling mom to check her spelling. I may have to fire her as my typist.

Boy said...

I think you two have got the same gweat taste that's why!

Boy said...

You are invited to come over for mine 14th purrthday party! Come have a wook at the invitation at mine bwoggy!

Daisy said...

I think we share a few of the same outfits, too!