Sunday, November 25, 2007

sad Sunday

Kallie sister of my very great and special freind Jetter Hairs the great JH went to rainbow bridge on thusday. Kallie was 17 just a little older than mu shue. she was found in province town ma by her mama and daddy. she never let the Ma blood out of her unlike JH she was a red sox fan . Please drop by JH's and leave his family a little note.

Kayla watch over kallie and untill we meet a rainbow bridge run fee kallie


Anonymous said...

That's very sad news.She was a very beautiful kitty.

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer LL,
thank u so much fer dis byootiful tribyoot to mi sistah kallie.
yes ... she wuz a red sox fan becuz she started her life in massachoozetz.
thank u fer da giftz u left at catster, too. i tried to rite to u but i cooden't leeve a messaje.
yer a grate frend LL.
luv--yer jh