Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Inteview with our Burps Dylan & Ashlynn

Lilly Lu: Hello Dylan ad Ashlynn it been a long time since you guys have been here ad well my public wats to see you. and get to know you.

Lilly Lu : the frist question dog or cat?

Dylan: Both but dogg more I love evertt

Ashlynn: Cat Maxie cat I love Maxie cat

Lilly Lu: sigh were did i go wrong ?

Lilly lu: next question frist words ?

Dylan: Ball ......I love balls

Ahsylnn: Max Cat....... I love Maxie cat

Lilly Lu: I know this is hummateing but when she get older she love me better than Maxie .

Lilly Lu your faviort sunggly thing

Dylan: My base ball quit wiff the blue background ( His grizzy)

Ashylnn: my purple cat blanket that DMM gave me gave me. wiff my maxie cat of course.

Lilly Lu: Boston Red sox or New youk yankies

Dylan: Lilly I hope this is a trick question we can only root for the red sox we Luff them!!

Ahsylnnn: Ummmm Lilly I think you tought us we BOSTON BABBYS

Lilly Lu: Good job Burps I kenw I rubed off on you. It was a trick question

Lilly Lu Faviort Books ?

Dylan: My boston red sox book

Ashylnn: Goood night Boston and my book called Gobla Babbys

Lilly Lu: Sleeping Patterns

Dylan: I take a quick 30 min nap around 10 then anouther maybe 45 to hour aound 1:00 then I asleep by 7:00 and and wake at 5:00 and think everyoe else should be awake wiff me

Asylnnn: well now that we don't go to play place any more my sleeping habbits are much more like me. I like me. while dylan is just taking a nap I just getting up for the day. I take an hour nap around 2 or 3 then I like to be up till at least 11:00 or 12:00 I must be in my crib by 8:00 but i sit quitly and enterntain my self. I just like my Maxie an Night owl.

Lilly Lu: new compmet or Old compent

Dylan: new it has a play ground and room for us to have but i dont think mama like the 3rd floor walk up and yesterday we went into are pool for the frist time

Ashlynn: New I love the plool and the plaground swings I like to play in the sand box Like i did at old play place.

Lilly Lu: Any planes for the summer

Dylan: Just swinmming and being out side I heard we going on a vaction And there going to be a big Party wiff Cake I never had cake and Fire works and presents and bloons

Ashlynn: Mommy said she going to hire a mother helper for the summer and we going to play in the pool more
I cry when she leaves but then i okay. I heard about the party and Vaction too I can't wait it will be fun.

Lilly Lu: Thanks for posting on my bog

Aslynn: Were is Maxie Cat I love Maxie Cat

Dylan: I hear Bresfest I love food

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

telling the truth

When Maxie came into my life i was very glad becuse i was lost with out mu shue. But I had to be the alfa cat after all i older by alot !!!! Now that we moved and settled in i reslize that maxie not all that bad. That welll i may like him.... okay okay i admitt it Maxie my freind my best freind i be lost wiff out him. We oftern follow each other aroud and now that he a year older and wiser I relize that he become my best brother frind. That dont mean i still don't boss him around but i do. I just share more wiff him I let him uses things like my pink crown bed and the pong chair and window napper. Maxie I glad you came into my life your a great brother
Even if i did try to sell you on ebay it was nothing personal maxie

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh No it can't be ( Maxie)

It can't be this time again. It just happened last year. It time for my aunual shots and appments and there going to steal my pee.

I been labed "Fractouis" That why they call me "Fracey Maxie" It not that i mean it. I just get over stumated and boom I go nunts There hiss and growing and bitting and be not nice there for a i need sauation to knock me out. Mama said she wonder if they could knock her out too.

Maxie I don't mean it I just get over stumatied

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day

Happy Mothers day..... I am furry lucky cat I have mama Laura for a mama. Well we all moved and stellted in rember how i wated my own closet I GOT IT for my gota day gift. In the new apt mama gave me my furry own lilly closet I can hang cute out fits climb on the selfs. Uses the box and she even putt a morra down so i could see my boootfal self all the time.

Now onto sad things Mama Laura lost her job. You see she went and got a master dreege and insted of a raise they said they could get someone to do the job 1/2 price wiff no education that they did not have to give free burpy play place too. So my burrpy no longer have a play place and they sad.\

My mama has started her own compney ... Yup you heard that right mama is going to work for her self. She so excited pluse she can take care of the burps why doing it. No more play place for them

Today Mama is getting to gether wiff her mama and taking her out to lunch then Grandma commming over to see us ..... well maybe us and the burpys I promice to be around more

Lilly Lu