Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh No it can't be ( Maxie)

It can't be this time again. It just happened last year. It time for my aunual shots and appments and there going to steal my pee.

I been labed "Fractouis" That why they call me "Fracey Maxie" It not that i mean it. I just get over stumated and boom I go nunts There hiss and growing and bitting and be not nice there for a i need sauation to knock me out. Mama said she wonder if they could knock her out too.

Maxie I don't mean it I just get over stumatied


Angel said...

Poor Maxie! We understand about being over stimulated. Hope every thing OK with you!

Karen Jo said...

Poor Maxie. I feel for you. I understand about being overstimulated. I hope all goes well and you get a clean bill of health. {{{Hugs}}}

Boots and Brenda said...

Good luck at the vet's Maxie!! Ninja had to get knocked out too when she went. It cost mom more $$$!!

All the best

Brenda, Boots & Ozzie