Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Inteview with our Burps Dylan & Ashlynn

Lilly Lu: Hello Dylan ad Ashlynn it been a long time since you guys have been here ad well my public wats to see you. and get to know you.

Lilly Lu : the frist question dog or cat?

Dylan: Both but dogg more I love evertt

Ashlynn: Cat Maxie cat I love Maxie cat

Lilly Lu: sigh were did i go wrong ?

Lilly lu: next question frist words ?

Dylan: Ball ......I love balls

Ahsylnn: Max Cat....... I love Maxie cat

Lilly Lu: I know this is hummateing but when she get older she love me better than Maxie .

Lilly Lu your faviort sunggly thing

Dylan: My base ball quit wiff the blue background ( His grizzy)

Ashylnn: my purple cat blanket that DMM gave me gave me. wiff my maxie cat of course.

Lilly Lu: Boston Red sox or New youk yankies

Dylan: Lilly I hope this is a trick question we can only root for the red sox we Luff them!!

Ahsylnnn: Ummmm Lilly I think you tought us we BOSTON BABBYS

Lilly Lu: Good job Burps I kenw I rubed off on you. It was a trick question

Lilly Lu Faviort Books ?

Dylan: My boston red sox book

Ashylnn: Goood night Boston and my book called Gobla Babbys

Lilly Lu: Sleeping Patterns

Dylan: I take a quick 30 min nap around 10 then anouther maybe 45 to hour aound 1:00 then I asleep by 7:00 and and wake at 5:00 and think everyoe else should be awake wiff me

Asylnnn: well now that we don't go to play place any more my sleeping habbits are much more like me. I like me. while dylan is just taking a nap I just getting up for the day. I take an hour nap around 2 or 3 then I like to be up till at least 11:00 or 12:00 I must be in my crib by 8:00 but i sit quitly and enterntain my self. I just like my Maxie an Night owl.

Lilly Lu: new compmet or Old compent

Dylan: new it has a play ground and room for us to have but i dont think mama like the 3rd floor walk up and yesterday we went into are pool for the frist time

Ashlynn: New I love the plool and the plaground swings I like to play in the sand box Like i did at old play place.

Lilly Lu: Any planes for the summer

Dylan: Just swinmming and being out side I heard we going on a vaction And there going to be a big Party wiff Cake I never had cake and Fire works and presents and bloons

Ashlynn: Mommy said she going to hire a mother helper for the summer and we going to play in the pool more
I cry when she leaves but then i okay. I heard about the party and Vaction too I can't wait it will be fun.

Lilly Lu: Thanks for posting on my bog

Aslynn: Were is Maxie Cat I love Maxie Cat

Dylan: I hear Bresfest I love food


Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

WOWZA! Dat was some tell-all. We really got the scoop!

Angel and Kirby said...

You conducted a very good interview!

ML said...

Furry good innervue. Yours burps are furry cute, too.
Love & Purrs,

Boots and Brenda said...

Sounds like you guys are going to have a great summer!! Happy swimming!!

Boots, Brenda & Ozzie