Thursday, June 4, 2009

Maxie saves the day

yesterday or Burp Ashlynn had i icky tummmy and she got her icky all over her blanket and her "max cat" ( an oronge stuffed cat that she drags all over the place and calls her max cat) and mama had to put it in the big washing michen moster to get it clean. Well Ashlynn has a flair for the dramtic she thows her self in a huge tantrum screadming my max cat my max cat my baba( that means blanket ) she even though her dud dud ( Thats ashlynnn for pasifire ) across the room and was just screaming at the top of her lung crying crying crying. Well mama had about given up and guess who gets off his pong chair and cuddles wiff the snot filled teary eye burp. He maxie he gets off and starts to head bop her. soon her tear were put away and she was petting him saying maxie my maxie why petting him. He stayed there till she just layed down on the floor and took a nap. and he sat right next to her when she woke up she got her balnket and max cat back,

Maxie: ahhh Lilly it was nothing I just had to help my babby burp she need a little maxie time After all she my girl and her love for me go no bond. Like i said bup like cat both nuts

Lilly Lu reporting here

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Angel and Kirby said...

That was so manly of Maxie to comfort the blurp.