Monday, June 15, 2009

Taitle tail tuseday : Lilly share mamma seecrects

since my mama laura been home she had to cook. This is not good she dose not like to make dinner but now that she the stay at home parent she figgeres she ows this to J. Well Mama Laura Found the answer CROCK POT COOKING she made lazunina for din din and it was good.


6 whole wheet lasuna noodles

1 pound of ground beef ( optional)

2 table spoons of itian sesoning

1. pint of cottage cheese

1. packes of shreaded mazzlan cheese

1. pacake of cut musroooms

2. 16 oz cans of hunts tomto sause ( this is the most naurtal of them all mama read inreadnce)


Cook meet with itian sesoning
layer lazan nooodles
Cootge cheese
the marterazla

reparet till till used up all ingrinance

thow in tomto sause

cook on high for four hours

mama seved it with green beans

Yummmy ... J... almost thought she slaved over it for hours LOL not my mama


Tiger Lily said...

Sounds yummy except for the mushrooms. My Daddy loves them but Mom hates them and none of us beasties will touch them.

Mom says whoever invented the Crock Pot deserves every penny the patent earned (whatever that means).

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

Our momma makes sumpin' just yike dat and she sayz dat it is berry good. Youz not bein' a tattle tail, youz is sharin' an' dat is a good fing.

Angel and Kirby said...

That sounds good. Now our Mom is stay at home all the time, she been cooking too! She says she can cook for 4 but not for 2 lite eaters. So she cooks for 4 and they eat it two days.

Luna said...

That sounds delicious! But we don´t understand the receipe....