Saturday, June 13, 2009

sunnny snooozy saderday problem with maxie

It a good thing maxie back on that pong chair of his becuse he been nuts nuts nuts. You know when i said maxie my freind. I take it back I putting him back on ebay to see how much i can get for one Maxie. Maxie problems started a few days ago he started acting like his tail was on fire and playing hard very hard with me and iris that got him placed in a quit area to calm down. He did that night but his brain must have gotten noknocked o something why he was in time out. Yesterday Maxie for the frist time knocked over a trash can his thing of chocies plastic wrapper mama found it in his mouth as he was licking his lips she was able to get it out of his mouth. Then he did it again same thing. Then yesterday he was alseep on his pong chair and i walked into the room and he let out a mewo howal thing that mama did not know he even made and went into hunter maxie mode were he pounce on my head. while i was on the floor. Then after another time out latter that night he did the same thing to Iris from the 3rd leaval of the cat tree. Maxie also loves feet . He rubbs agist them and and the other day maxie bit mama laura feet while she was on the phone. Mama Laura been tryig to play more feather on a stick maxie faviort game but poor maxie he just get coufesed he loves to play feather on it in his tent.


Angel and Kirby said...

What is up with Maxie? Is he just acting like a wild child.

Fat Eric said...

If this was one of the kids in my mum's class she would say they'd been eating too much sugar and E numbers!!!
But hey, Maxie may be a little hyper but who could hold that against a gorgeous ginger???

Kaz's Cats said...

Sheesh Maxie, that's no way to treat your sister! All we can think is that he needs lots and lots of playtime to burn up all of his excess energy.


Gypsy & Tasha

meemsnyc said...

What's going on Maxie?? Please calm down, we don't want you to be sold on ebay. :)