Monday, December 29, 2008

we wish you a happy new years

May you new year be great! yes my burpy posed for this awhile ago they cute but Not as cute as me maxie and Iris

I lilly Lu would like to reviwe 2008. 3 words it mostly sucked.

Jaurary- Mama cellbrated her brithday

Feburay- JH wrote me the best vantine ever. Hopely we can keep the up the good work as JH is soo cute even if he a yannkes fan and GLF

Marh- I did not feel well and got trafred to the Great dr C and she made me better.

April- I had my stones out and My apt burnt down we lost most every thing. I celbared my gota day

May- Jeffeson told us we got are stuff we never did they were busy stealing form us. we found out latter

June- we moved into are new apt. We learned about mu shue Lymphoma Mu shue helped us get adjested Iris and i we scard but mu shue he showed us every thing would be okay Iris and i cellbrared are purrdays only to find out i relly bone in march latter.

Juily- Mu shue passed away after meany aginzing weeks and he stayed to welcome to burpy and to make sure we adjusted and say good buy we miss him so. Our burpy were born on the 4th

Augest- One word MAXWELL........ life has never been the same since

September- We cellbated Mu shue purrday with out him only one mouth after he pass

October- We cellbrated base ball in october Next year there be a world sezies champon ship trophie to cellbrate I got sick wiff Phomina once again the great dr c cured me. Maxie flips out at the phonfrtes I get to pose in meany cute ways for hoilday card

Novmber- i start my hoilday card list I love hoilday card it so much fun to give

Decmber- Burpy frist x-mas hoilday gifts, mu shue stone is in at last.

Friday, December 26, 2008

reviwe of this hoilday bootty by maxie and Iris

Well me maxie here to reviwe the bootty we got for x-mas. It all started wiff a note for santy paws to me and iris It said he saw we trired very hard to be good but next year he expects us not to pounce on Lilly Lu. It a good fing we got a whole year to work on it becuse we already chaced her down the hall and played the poucing game this moring. Are stoking were hung by the tv wiff care and dadddy got mama a fake fire place thing for hunnnka that she wanted so much from amahish country so we had a fire place too. My stoking was stuffed wiff chicken stuff. I love chicken Iris was stuffed wiff mousies .And lilly lu had a few cans of sticky goodness in it. Now down to the booty i going to make a list Itims who it was for all me and what i thought.

Fling a ming string - This got 8 paws way up form iris and I we loved it,

Feather wand- again paws way up in the air on this little wand iris and I played for ever after we had to trun offf the fing a ming string

Cat in a bag- This scard the heck out of me I behide the couch wiff iris mousie. Paws way down on this one

Box wiff holes for the hunter- I liked this iris and i played along time with it and her mousie did not get lost i give it paws up but iris gave it four paws way in the air.

Lazer light toy- Am i missing something it okay to play in the dark at 3 am but other wise i dont get it Iris seems too she said it a paws up toy I say i give it one paw and a half pluse we had one form seectt paw

Fat cat nip pad- great to crash on we loved it both me and iris played with it 4 paws up. We have3 spare so we want to aution off some toys for other cats in need

2 hamics- mama was so exicted she made these for us none of us like them she so sad.

LCD light ball- Ohhhh this is fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.

A new ball for my track.. I back in buzzesie I got all the temptaytion now!!!

A new track toy- I like the old one better so i not playing with this

Mouther mousie toy- Love love love this it like my track but better

best of all - YOWAL NIP !!!!! nip candy cane, nip nana, nip cirage losses nip , nip apple, nip lemmon, nip tree, nip I sorry but i might be in a nipp coma for a few weeks i going to fishen this post and go hit the nip.

Lilly Lu got a soft pink blanket 2 shirts, a new collor, wiff a band new bling hers is rattty and old and a swetter and a dress the sweeter is too small though i told her thats what happen when your fat

PS mama got a new SD wirless card she so exicted a new dital frame and a flip and a romaba iris and i takeniing rides

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is this the sleld

Is this your sled santa i don't think it will do I seen Maxie and Iris wish list pluse I like a few cute fashion to were i used to have alot but i only have a few now. I been very very good this year and I been thiough quite alot of a cat. I like a pink sweeter and a new dress and maybe a pink bed too. And helth for all my Cat freinds
Lilly Lu

Monday, December 22, 2008

Man cat Monday

Dear Hummna slave/ mama Laura and Santa Paws
I think i could usws a few more toys here. I try harder to be good ( crossing paws)
Thank you
Maxwell AKA Maxie

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank you all

i want to aplogy for mama laura lack of helping me blog it seem haveing burpys is makeing it very hard for her to find the time. Also she been very involed wiff other things.

My update my skin is much much better only a few sores are left and are scabbing over how ever i am on a very low dose of predsol and has made me once again vontbul to infection i am coughing and going back to see dr c again for an URI i see pink stuff in my futer.

I want to tank eveyone who sent us cards we love them all i have two doors full.

Mama been in a funk she misses mu shue horbely. his stone was delverd but do to snow will not be set for some time. we had over a foot and getting more tomrow we had ice that knocked out letirity for two days. I was cold wiff out my letic bed i missed it furry furry much so now i spending extra time in it

We also want to thank are secrt paws for the great gifts. we worte are letters to santa paws and hung are stonking wiff care. Maxie and Iris are worried becuse they may have not been that good this year. Me the one wish i have is to have mu shue back. But i glad to know he watching over us. I just miss him.

mama said she know she has to let go for maxie but she just cant he so apart of her and she misses him all the time. She wishes she could just hold him and stroke his fur again.

Now my special freind JH desdesed to do a walk about becuse of Joba i know how he fells but he needs to get home I think i can argane a little premo time wiff out the ornoge cats of trubble maxie and Joba and a little time on the feild watching the yankeis play the sox if he just get home. I may even let my soxs thow a game to his yannkes......Na what fun would that be

Lilly Lu

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lilly Lu update

The good news me max and my best bud iris are not the casue of Lilly Lu owies all over her back. She has sores all over her back a lot in scabs but some open. They all up and down. The vet said it looks just like Miss Lilly Her self was doing them. Almost she is bitting her self when grooming. Gssssh Lilly Lu. She said she thinks the skin is very very dry and cracking as well. Are apt is forsed air heat and it very very dry. Mama had to get hummifire for our burpys now she got to run out and get more for every room lilly lu goes into. She also said since we decreaing steridos that Lilly has some cels that incacede a alrric reaction to something. So now Lilly and iris and I are all getting fish oil. Hopely Miss Lilly Lu will stop bitting her self Ps are flash box broke we got a new flash box on sale at walmart on black firday rush morning we just need to get it started

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful/ update on lilly lu

This year we have alot to be thankful for and Lilly Lu said today was the day that we must say what we are thankful for before we dive into are ttucky sticky goodness with fishy flakes and chicken crubles.

I maxie am thankful for my new home. Some of you may not know this but the foster person who fosterd me keeped me in a bathroom with 6 other pepole. My hisotry go I was saved by a vet tec named Kerri from Clition, ma. She askd someone to help me get a home. The women was running a shelter out of her house. mama said she never seen so meany cats in her life and the place smelled like cat Urin. Thats when a certin cat lead mama Laura to me.

I have a great life i am thankful for iris my plate mate and parter in crim. I thankful for Lilly Lu becuse i like to follow he around and wesle wiff her food.

I thankful for warm cat bed. Mama said one of my freinds sent it to Lilly and Mu shue but I love it so.

I thnakful for no grain sticky goodness and the before grain compney who makes my food becuse it so yummy i cant help but keep my belly full. mama said my coat is supper soft and skilky and my eyes bright since i started eating it.

I thankful for chicken flavorted temp-tay-tion I dont think i get enough becuse mama calls them cat candy becuse they have grain in them.

I thanful for all of you being my freinds.

I got to hand the blog over to Iris now

I very thankful this yeat. I thankful to be alive and thankful to have toys thanks to all my freinds. You might rember I lost all my toys but you all came though like best freinds in the world. I thankful fo Maxie becuse he my best freind in the world. I thankful for a place to call home and great wonredful freinds. Okay is it time to play yet. I thankful Maxie and I have a place to call home and a toy box to empty all ovet the floor every night it loss of fun fun fun. Okay I got toys to play with balls and mousie . Maxie loves balls. I give to blog back to Lily Lu

I have alot to be thanful for I should have died more than once this year but you purr and pulled me though it. I thankful for my name sake Dr Lillan Cornjo. Becuse she the bestest vet int the whole wife world. I not just makeing it up she can handle fractiouis Max Max he hissed and he did not bit her she the only vet he never bitten. I thankful for My house and everthing I have. I thankul for freinds and food and thank everyone who helped me out i could never be here with out all your help. I foing to hand this over to mama who will update you on me.

Mamma Laura Here. I have a lot to be thankful for all your help got me were i am. Becuse of you my cats have toys bed and lots of things Every time I see lily drink form her fourion i am thankful. Now an update on Lilly Lu . I thought it was just one skin sore but it truns out there all over her back. Her skin has open sores there very tinny but i think they form dry skin caused by the steridos. The Great dr C is on vaction so she will see the Great Dr rogers at slades and if she thinks ther bad i will take her to tufts. The question is what has caused her skin to become so raw that she would have open sores.

Ps It not to late to get on The Lilly Lu hoilday card list we only adressed some we plan to do the rest later

Friday, November 21, 2008

ferice fighter firday : rembering Kayla and Mu shue

Today is the day we rember those who came before we rember the resion Max and I live here and we pay tubtie to Mu shue and Kayla My mama said she do this post with out leaking but so far it not going to happen she sits her with stream of tears leaking down here face. I also very sad as i miss mu shue but thankful for him.
This is Mu shue at the bridge Mu shue faught IBD, heart problms, Lyomphima, athma, hyper tyrido. And he was the most sweet loving cat in the world. Better then a brother he was a hero. He waited to go to the bridge to make sure all his earthly duitys were done. He saved me and iris, He then made sure the twins were safely home. He then came back and said good bye to me and Iris. And in his very last act of mu shue bravery picked out Maxie to live here. He the most bootfal angle at the bridge

This is Kayla Voitle Shy. Kayla was a tiny solder. And mu shue best freind in the world. He she is at the bridge. she had FIP. she faut bravely for 9 mouths. He earthly duitys were not done when she passed so she always sent sings in blue brids. And lead mommy to me. I am named after her Lillan Kayla Maire. But it shoten to Lilly lu. She was so brave and Mu shue was her best freind it was like they were ment to be we sure they toghter at the bridge. She was probley the frist to weclome mu shue.

This picuter was taken when Dr C. Yes my woderflu vet took care of all 3 of us and now maxie and Iris too. She said make lost of memorys so we did. mama loves this picuter so much. mu shue and kayla were always toghter.

This is one of the frist mu shue picuter ever. he climbed in mama pooh bedding and mama snaped the picture it one of her faviort mu shue it just so him. I sorry it so light. We lost the orinial in the fire. The pepole who brought out what lilly mama had left broke it and ripped it she cryed at them why why why.

Monday, November 17, 2008


some how last night a door to my apt was left slighly unlocked enough that mr max got out. I live on a long hall in a big building. With two fire doors I have no idea how he got though. I can not find him any. Frist mu shue now maxie I dont know what to do !!! MAXWELL MUFSA MILLON GET YOUR TAIL HOME RIGHT NOW


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Man cat Monday with Me Maxie

It time for man cat Maxie monday. That means it all about me me me. I had a hard week Lilly Lu got mad i lost all her ice cream betting at the track she made me hand over the grizzy then me had to findsome were manyly to lay. Me manly ....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

man cat monday

After all the exment at the tracks I deseied to take a back and found this comfy place made just for a man cat

I think I sit her while i re calautaute my next move and try and save up a few temp-tay-tions for my latter vist to the track to night

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday at the tracks with Max

Maxie is spending all his free time and allonce money at the track he clams he can stop any time he wants but this is an mupital times day habit this is how it go poor Maxie I hope we can get him ovet the track
Track come out and shake paws
Oh look round and and I bet all my temptaion i can catch it
I bet all Iris temp-tay-tions and a gallon of ice cream form Lilly Lu
Must have Ball Must take nap
Maybe if i use glowing eyes I can make this siiton better I bet a whole bag of temp-tay-tion

Thursday, October 23, 2008

freindly firday

here i am alseep in my heated brtio cat bed. What am i dreaming about? Life with out Maxie and Iris? no Mu shue no. treat ? no Dairy well maybe i do have a soft spot for dairy. But yet the best thing in the whole world
The cards have been order the special stamps are on there way
Now all i need is adress for all my freinds
If you like a hoilday card form me send me a snail mail adress to
i love sending cards out so even if you dont send one back i still love sending them
I will start right after thanks giving and work my paws to the bone till right before x-mas
so don't delay get an Offial 2008 Lilly Lu hoilday card

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wordless wed

Tattle Tail Tusdeday ( Revevgen of The Pong)

Maxie : Laday Mom slave thing Fat cat is in my sepcail bed Get off that facebook and do something about it

Laura: Lilly what you doing in Maxie Bed ?

Lilly: Had too he stole my pong pluse I am Alfa cat and see my shaved leg form when you dragged me tutfs.

Laura: Sorry Maxie she has a point got to get back to face book.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Missing Mu shue the Real Man cat on monday

Mu shue Pooh king cat Fall

This year is different
We do not here your paws at the door
This year is Different
do not see you pose with your pumpkin
This year is Different
you no longer cuddle with me to keep me warm.

This will be Different
At the bridge your well your not in pain
This year isDifferent
Your romp and roll in the leaves like you always wanted to do
This year is Different
You happy and Playful

While this year is Different I miss you sweet Mu shue...
This year will be Different I will take joy know your free and Looking after me .....

In memory Of Mu Shue Wiford Pooh King angle Cat my forever hero, my brother and best freind

Mu shue gave taken yesterday thanks all

Saturday, October 11, 2008

october sox

there is nothing better then base ball in october!! Well one thing better RED SOX base ball in october.
Dont you think so JH ??

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Man cat Monday

I the Man cat around Here i got to so That Fat cat who keep saying everything hers that it not It belongs to the Man Inculding this pong chair Yup the pong chair was made for Me cuse I the Man I look super manly dont you think

Stay tooned for tomrow to see what Lilly Lu dose in revenge of the Pong Chair

easy like a sunday morning

Lilly Lu : hummm what this comfy pad doing here I know it was for Maxie but he sleeping in his bed I just sleep here. THIS DOSE NOT MEAN I LIKE HIM AT ALL. he still needs to learn all my rules.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


baseball in october yes my freinds it time for me to tell you about the best team in whole world. Yes I talking about my beloved boys My beloved red sox who speeped the angle in the play off. I furry excted I do love my boys i fell a free couch and bed in our fuuter when they sweep the world seeize I love my boys. Sorry JH but it time you start rooting for the right team. I got my pink red sox gear along wiff my burrpys.

Lilly I love my Sox Lu

Friday, October 3, 2008

I am home and max max big freak out

I came home yesterday i felling much better my mewo is back I on antiobitic but i a little mad.They shaved my paws for an iv for when they sadated me. The wash showed ifmation in my lungs so the great dr c put me on antibotics. I going to sue they runied my hoilday picuters.

Speaking of hoilday picuters it will be just me and mama this year No iris no Maxie. Maxie went besresk and ataked the photogoher during the sestion worst then the vet. He still a little upset he came home and refsed to mewo to mama and is acting very much like a fetal kitten wiff hissing at his own showod he dose not want to be touched. Very un Max Max Mama is very woried she runied her realtionship wiff him.

I need to hide it time for yukie medison

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lilly Lu is sick

mama took Lilly Lu and me to tufts yesterday I learning to socialize at the vet becuse I a little fractious and she feels that if I go to Lilly Lu appmenonts and nothing happens but attertion and love I will learn not to eat the vet and leave holes in her arms.

Lilly lu been coughing so they took chest x rays and found they think she has phomina from being on predsol for her calilum. So the plan is to try and get a clutre to get to grow so they know what they dealing wiff please purr for Lilly Lu. Iris and I miss her we love to tag team pounce on her iris takes one end of the hall i take the other we trap Lilly Lu in the center and iris pounce on her and chaces her to me were i pounce on her too. She one of our faviort toys. But this made her caugh.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

easy like a sunday morning

This Is maxwell other wise know as Maxie or Max Max He think sunday is good time to lay in this blue bed some sent us after are fire I let him have it becuse me own everything well almost every thing elase You see he has no shame what so ever he just lets it all hang out and the said he need cutie to come cuddle in his bed
He is me taking it easy in my speical bed It look magificet on me I have digitly unlike tha maxie cat

I so tired and it so much hard work being alfa cat and queen cat all wraped into one I just close my eyes and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Mom note : this lasted all of 10 point five second till Iris and Max Max Desied it was time for Lilly Lu to get up and play pounce cuse they need a 3.
PS Lilly Lu may need to go see the great dr C soon she devlouped a bad cough I thought mu shue was back at frist till i saw it was lilly lu

Saturday, September 27, 2008


do you think they celbrate at the bridge with boston market too. Mu shue favorit food was boston market when I leave it unattened for a min mu shue would have goobed it all down. I used to save it for his purrday. Also his wedding anypurrsay to his wife muffin would be the 29th.

He had lots of special days in september it was also the time his athama was the worst so this year i know he running around free not coughing. I miss you big guy. Say hello to Kayla I miss he too. Today is not a day to be sad today is a day to celbrate mu shue and all his style so go eat some chckhen and think of mu shue thats what he want.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mu shue on firday

We very sad here thats why we not posting. Tomorow would have been mu shue 18th purday and his 13 gota day. It hard to belive 13 years ago mu shue walked into mama apt and steped all over here heart. Mu shue was the furry frist pet she ever owned. While she love me, iris and Max she misses mu shue like crazy. The grass has grown over his grave and it looks like one. Mu shue has been at the bridge for 2 mouths since monday. So mama been trying not to think of the date. But it dose not work. The frist anulal mu shue pooh yard sale will be cancled due to rain. it going to pour a sing from mu shue him self you think. So we liked to sare some of our faviort mu shue memorys or picuters please share your mu shue memorys too. n Thanks mu shue for beling a freind, a brother, a sungle compain, hero and a just very speical cat .... Happy purrday big guy I dont know how you did it but you left your huge paw prints all over my heart

Saturday, September 20, 2008


mama was cleaninng up looking though stuff in grandma attick for the frist annnual mu shue winford pooh king cat monrmal yard sale when she came across my orginal papper work. Welll it seems Miss Lilly AKA Snow flakes brithdate was 3/25/01 I was 12 mouths old. They said to mama I was probely 1 mouths so if the may be may or june since I came into mama life in arpil of 02. I cant belive i missed purrdays for all these years Well how dose she make it up to me dose she give me any ice cream when i begg or any daiy No she just said she sorry Lilly Lu i try to do bettter with Maxie. Well How about me not that Max thing that play all day with that meezer Iris i mean do they ever stop ???

Rembereing Mu shue

I Lilly Lu the offical Alfa cat Would like to annacne the Frist ever Mu shue Winford Pooh King Cat Yard sale. All procdinde go to befeint the feline winnn foundation.

Who: was Mu shue

Mu shue was My biggest and best brother who went to the bridge on Juily 22, 2008 from Finine Lymophma. He also had heart deses and kidney disney and irated Bowal syndrom and Had High thyrodio that was fix. Mu shue was a Hero cat who saved me and Not so Babby Iris from a fire in our apt. His death left a huge hole in our hearts. Mu shue always wanted to help someone weather it was just making sure my hello kitty were taken care of while I was sick or saving a wofie even though he hated wofie. Or just being the best cat he was.

Why Feinline Winn: Feline winn Foudation is an helps other cats though recerch into cat deeses we hope by cureing cat desises that no Mama or sister or brother will have to feel the way we fell. Aslo if we can find a cure for cats we can find a cure for pepole

Where: Grandma House In Newton, Ma

When: September 28 , 2008 - The day after mu shue would have been 18 and lived her 13 years Rain Date 29th

How can I help : Doatone can be made in Mu shue memory dirctrctly to winn Feline foudation

Thursday, September 18, 2008

No more school for my burrpys

My mama has dessied it not going to work out she understands normal behavior. But she said some things she not willing to compezize and it not the job she left her boss changed since she been out. And all is not right with the childern there. There too meany things mama is not willing to compzie on and one is the care of her childern. So my burrpy were picked up and bought home yesterday morning were they will stay in the loveing arms of my mama for right now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alfa cat

That Maxwell is trying to be the alfa cat But It me this used to be mu shue chair it belongs to the alfa cat now that he no longer with him it All mine you here that Max thing MINE MINE MINE !!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

fairwell sweet pixie

it with a heavy heart we tell you sweet pixie has gone to rainbow bridge. We are sure mu shue and lots of other cat welcomed her with open paws she now able to do things she could not do her pixie was here on earth we will eat a banna in her honner and Maxie said he will play with his catnip nana right now

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teaxs last Dare

I hate feline cancer we hate Lymphima the most in the whole wide world it took great cats like Mu shue , Texas and Strom Well all week we been dreading what to do for mu shue frist heaven Gotaday / Purrday on septmeber 27. We went to were mu shue in burryed and cryed and noticed a big bookkay of yellow flowers in a pot right on mu shue grave with a note. You were love, You missed you were a ture hero happy purrday on the 27th. There was no singture from who it was from we wondered how they found him since his grave stone not been ordered yet. It hit us what to do to Honnor mu shue. What would Mu shue Do. Mu shue was always a lover, a helper a cuddler a bestfreind a hero Everone loved Mu shue. So for this purrday I am going to doated 234 to feline winn to help fight cat Lymophina. How did i come up with 234 you ask?? Well This would have been mu shue 13 gota day and he would have been 18 years old. You time 13 time 18 and 234. I can do with out if it helps just one more cat not have to go though what I feel what stroms parents feels what texas family feels. We dare you too to rember 3 great worrie cats and hero's in every sence of the would

Thursday, September 4, 2008

13 sencences heard at our house starting wiff Maxie

1. Maxie why are you all Wet

2. Maxie why are you drinking my warm bath water

3. Maxie why are you in the shower with me ?

4. Maxie No you cant dirnk the burps bath water

5. Maxie stop trying to get into the burpys tub

6. Maxie must you and Iris dump all your toys out i just put them away

7. Maxie and Iris why are there toys all over the place i just put them away

8, Maxie and Iris must you guys play Nastcar raceing at 2 am in the morning

9. Maxie Ummm Thats Lilly Lu grizzy it might not be a good idea to sleep on it

10. Maxie I sorry Lilly Lu paw punched you for sleeping on her grizzy

11. Maxie i just ordered you you own grizzy in blue and Yellow

12. Maxie it okay to jump on the furter

13. Maxie I love you so I so glad your my cat.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

wordless wed/ Burpy day

today is my burpys frist day of real school. Well okay it child care it were mama works she be just down the hall but they all ready they getting so big already and since this blog about us Maxie wants to show the way to catch a feather

Sunday, August 24, 2008

GONE !!!!!!!/ not the mama monday

after what happened in april she promiced never to leave us ever again. Well she lyed she took my mr BG and my twins burrpy things and packed up sootcase took the twin burrpy things probal cribs and car seats and some airline tickests and left us. I am furry furry mad at her. Iris and Maxie have each other they play play play but what about me I the dvia/ queen around her now it my job to be alpa cat and I not happy Sandy comes by every day but I staying under the bed and eating all maxie and iris food when she gone. I leaveing suprizes right out side my box to express my maddess at her for leaveing

Lilly Lu

Today is Not the Mama monday we going to show thanks for all Mo dose

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hug another cat day in honnor of mu shue

Mu shue pooh king cat was the the founder of hug another cat day. He once said if we all just open are paws and huged each other the world world be a better place. He also said that If each cat huged five cat we all be hugging in no time. Mu shue passed over to the bridge one mouth ago on firday. We like to honnor him with hug another catday on firday I think we could all uses some hugging.

today is one mouth back to tufts

today marks one full mouth with out mu shue. Mama always things of him. She looks at his pong chair and think he should be there. No one goes on it no. Maxie sleeps under it. she looks at his grizzy no mu shue. Some time maxie but most of the time not. Today we take cofort in knowing maxie with us. Iris loves to play with him at 3 in the morning chaces and he chaces he back. Lilly Like to sniff him and lay near him she not so lonely now that she has Maxie. She relly taken to her alfa cat role. She followed mu shue every were now she the leader. The worst time are the night time Lilly Lu and Iris and now Maxie are not bed cat lilly will jump on aome time but maxie i cant get him to jump on the funrcher at all. he sitt by your feet.

Today we will put flowers on his grave and tell him we miss him and look foward to a future with maxie. Also today is the day Lilly goes back to tufts please purr for mama as she will be crying buckets

Monday, August 18, 2008

A letter to Maxwell

Dear Mr Maxwell,

You have been here almost 3 weeks. It is time i laid down some rules. I am queen Lilly Lu you must adress me as that no more this fat cat stuff . All the toys belong to me even if i do not play with them. I let iris play with them but you I think not. That scraching post you been scraching It is mine mne mine go scrach somewere else. Stop putting the moves on my mama. She mine too. I do not have to share her. ALL FOOD BOWLS ARE MINE. I AM ON PREDZION I AM STRAVING I COULD EAT YOU IF I WERE NOT SUCH A LADY CAT. all the blackets are mine too. I get frist choice open windows again mine if it open and i want to lay in it become mine by defalut

follow my rules we get along just fine

Lilly Lu no more fat cat

Sunday, August 17, 2008

this and that

The sky as a new littles angle we miss you here on earth. You touch so meany life is such a short time Good bye Litttle "sprout" We will always rember you

I sorry I never got to post yesterday I relly wanted to. Monty Q family has done alot of us. Before the twins were born he sent us alot of babby stuff mostly for dylan however there were a few things for ash too. He made the most incuble sock cats to help raise money for us after i lost everything. I just found out that the lease I thought and knew was a year was baited and switched to october 31. Shock and sickend at the fact of doing this again find a new place to call home right after I just found home came over me. Lucky it was all worked out I can stay here untill May 3 next year. Also I have made another life changeing distion. I am going back to work full time in September. I teach toddlers bean and I will be putting the twins in my school infeint program. I love being able to be close to them while I work. I truely belive group care can be good even for babbys. I also belive that I know they will be getting the best care they could get and best of all free care. dose not hurt.

Also we desed to take a family vaction to my parents condo in Mami Fl before everything gets hard. I want the twins to love the beach that I so love going to the one right out side my parents condo in FL. Not far from Daisy. I have made the chocies to leave Maxie Lilly and Iris this time all home with a cat sitter. I could not find a bording place to do sub q fuilds. Iris has always goen to the bording place but her and Maxie get along and Lilly and Maxie just ingore each other Unless lilly is getting too close the Maxie runs off.
we are comeing up one one mouth that my mu shue has been gone. I miss him so. I glad for Maxie but boy do i miss him. Lilly needs to go back to tufts just for some blood work. I been dreading the trip knowing how much I miss Mu shue. It will be good to see the Great Dr C but bitter sweet knowing she could not cure him. I plan to go to his grave and leave some oronge flowers for him hopely thusday. I miss him so much

Maxie diriea is come and go along with his hair balls. It seems to be he get a hair ball vomits and get dirrrea for a few days His super pet insucince pick up on the 18th so i not taken him to the vet yet. However while getting food for Lilly at the vet I did talk to them. I explaned how laxaton made things worst for the poor guy not better. He had non stop dirria for 3 days after a dose.

Now his stools seem better so the plan is since he needs to be sadated becuse he tends to be bad at the vet is to just watch and wait. If it g ets worst we will start with a stool sample then move on from there. He always still wants more and more food. Can you say sticky goodness addict. he also had his frist yowal catnip experpince. Can you say shredded nanna he so cute. Iris helped him out a little.

He started to warm up a little to me always wants me to rubb him he refuses ro jump up on any funtcher, i wish Iris would follow his lead. He dose play with iris at night. But backs off from Lilly Lu . She know it and oftern times just walks over to smell him as he runs away

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We furry furry sad to report that little sprout has gone to heaven. We feel very very sad about this as some you cat can rember lil sprout did a fun raiser for us shorty after she was born. Our time wiff her was much too short.

easey like a Maxie sunday morning

this be me Maxie i practiceing my man cat sleeping postiong while takeing it easey on sunday any cutie what to cuddle wiff wiff the maxie i like cuttie i have a yellow balcket all ready. Fat cat and Meezer play fing say I am hogging there blog so I going to my new blog all by my self follow link here

my mama has a question for all you cat owners

Maxie has been vomiting alot and has dirriea The vet think it becuse he adjusting to his new food. I do not know what they were feeding him. They said what every they had is what they gave him. He always wants to eat eat eat just his stools are losses I am sure it becuse he never had high quilty food before. with no fillers. any sugestions