Thursday, August 21, 2008

today is one mouth back to tufts

today marks one full mouth with out mu shue. Mama always things of him. She looks at his pong chair and think he should be there. No one goes on it no. Maxie sleeps under it. she looks at his grizzy no mu shue. Some time maxie but most of the time not. Today we take cofort in knowing maxie with us. Iris loves to play with him at 3 in the morning chaces and he chaces he back. Lilly Like to sniff him and lay near him she not so lonely now that she has Maxie. She relly taken to her alfa cat role. She followed mu shue every were now she the leader. The worst time are the night time Lilly Lu and Iris and now Maxie are not bed cat lilly will jump on aome time but maxie i cant get him to jump on the funrcher at all. he sitt by your feet.

Today we will put flowers on his grave and tell him we miss him and look foward to a future with maxie. Also today is the day Lilly goes back to tufts please purr for mama as she will be crying buckets

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Chesney Cats said...

We are purring for Mama Laura to not be so sad. We know it's hard for her though.
Our Mama still misses The Cat That Came Before & he went to the Bridge almost 10 years ago.

Hugs & Purrs,
Sammy. Festus & Emma