Sunday, August 10, 2008

easey like a Maxie sunday morning

this be me Maxie i practiceing my man cat sleeping postiong while takeing it easey on sunday any cutie what to cuddle wiff wiff the maxie i like cuttie i have a yellow balcket all ready. Fat cat and Meezer play fing say I am hogging there blog so I going to my new blog all by my self follow link here

my mama has a question for all you cat owners

Maxie has been vomiting alot and has dirriea The vet think it becuse he adjusting to his new food. I do not know what they were feeding him. They said what every they had is what they gave him. He always wants to eat eat eat just his stools are losses I am sure it becuse he never had high quilty food before. with no fillers. any sugestions


Pixel said...

First try the chicken and rice to settle his tummy then maybe by a bag of cheap food and see if he has tummy problems. If he doesnt start mixing the good food and the cheap stuff so he gets both and his systenm can slowly adjust to the good stuff. Start first with more cheap stuff then slowly change it up.

Mickey said...

I agree with Pixel. Slowly add good food to the cheap and over time,slowly increase the good food. Sudden changes in diet can cause loose stool. As long as he is healthy, his problem should go away.If is does not,your Vet can help.
Purrs Mickey

The Island Cats said...

Hi ya Maxie...that is a good mancat sleeping position. Enjoy your Sunday! And we hope you are feeling better soon!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Boy said...

I don't know what's causing the wunny tummy, but I'm puwwing that Maxie gets better soon!

Lisa said...

I think Pixel and Mickey gave good advice. If you can find out what food he was fed last and get some of that and mix in then ease him off of it he should do better (if the food is the problem and it probably is). He's such a handsome man cat. I don't think I've been here to welcome him home, so, Welcome home, Maxie!!! (and LOL at chasing Iris at 3am!)