Friday, August 8, 2008

fininely firday wiff Maxie

Last week I went to the stab vet and then met my new person. I been here a week here what me decoved Fat cat likes to eat. Me no like the vet me put wholes in her arm wiff my sharp claws something about sadation when i go came up. Yesterday me desied me like sticky goodness me ate two cans. But it gave me tummy ace me had one loss poop and one normal pooop last night. Me like nip okay Me love nip. Me fink this blacket would be good for some cutie who wat to tellport over to cuddle. Me love the feather. The meezer play fing can be fun to run aftrer at 3am in the morning. Okay i fink thats it


NinjaCat said...

Sounds like you are settling in Maxie!!

Brenda & Ninja

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

i'm glad you're getting all settled in Max! that is great. i'm sure a cutie will be over ASAP to snuggle with you.

I have to get gassed when i go to the VET and i'm proud of it!

Tybalt said...

Sounds like you are settling right in, Maxie! I don't blame you for not liking the vet.

Kelly Cat said...

Way to show the v*t who's boss, Maxie! You're a man cat, not a pussy cat.

Black Cat said...

Awww, you look so floofy and cuddly and I'm glad you seem to be settling in well:) xxx