Friday, September 26, 2008

Mu shue on firday

We very sad here thats why we not posting. Tomorow would have been mu shue 18th purday and his 13 gota day. It hard to belive 13 years ago mu shue walked into mama apt and steped all over here heart. Mu shue was the furry frist pet she ever owned. While she love me, iris and Max she misses mu shue like crazy. The grass has grown over his grave and it looks like one. Mu shue has been at the bridge for 2 mouths since monday. So mama been trying not to think of the date. But it dose not work. The frist anulal mu shue pooh yard sale will be cancled due to rain. it going to pour a sing from mu shue him self you think. So we liked to sare some of our faviort mu shue memorys or picuters please share your mu shue memorys too. n Thanks mu shue for beling a freind, a brother, a sungle compain, hero and a just very speical cat .... Happy purrday big guy I dont know how you did it but you left your huge paw prints all over my heart


whatloknows said...

I am so sorry. I am in tears. thats me though. this was a beautiful story but a sad one.

i did not know kitty, but i wanted to share in the memory.

they do have a way of claiming our hearts and it can happen within minutes.

much xoxo.

whatloknows said...
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whatloknows said...

Mu shue almost sounds like 'miss you'.

And we do.

The Rainbow Connection
Why are there so many
Songs about rainbows
and what's on the other side
Rainbow's are visions
They're only illusions
And rainbows
have nothing to hide
So we've been told
and some chose to Believe it
But I know
they're wrong wait and see
Someday we'll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers
and me
Who said that every
wish would be heard
and answered
When wished on the morning star
Somebody thought of that
And someone believed it
And look what it's done so far
What's so amazing
That keeps us star gazing
What so we think we might see
Someday we'll find it
That Rainbow Connection
The lovers the dreamers and me
Have you been half asleep
And have you heard voices
I've heard them calling my name
Are these the sweet sounds
that called
The young sailors
I think they're one and the same
I've heard it too many times to ignore it
There's something that I'm supposed to be
Someday we'll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me
- kermit the frog

Kaz's Cats said...

It's hard for our people when we have to leave them. We both think that Mu Shue was a great big brother to save his two sisters from the fire - he was a great hero cat. Lilly, Iris and Max, please snuggle with your Momma lots 'cos she needs to have furry kitties fussing over her now especially...

Soft purrs and kitty hugs

Gypsy & Tasha

ML said...

Mu shue was a real hero and we miss him so much.
Missy Blue Eyes and the Sherwood Bunch

Tybalt said...

Happy Birthday, Mu Shue. I just know you are having a wonderful time at the Bridge. We miss you.

Daisy said...

I know that Pixie and Mu Shue are playing together at the Bridge. Pixie tried to get him to taste a bananer!

Eric and Flynn said...

We miss Mushue. He will always be remembered as a hero.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Happy Birthday Mu shue, we miss your Hero self! We know you are having fun at the Rainbow Bridge with all our kitty furiends! Lilly Lu, Iris and Max give you Mom some kitty hugss from us to her!!
Your FL furiends,