Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rembereing Mu shue

I Lilly Lu the offical Alfa cat Would like to annacne the Frist ever Mu shue Winford Pooh King Cat Yard sale. All procdinde go to befeint the feline winnn foundation.

Who: was Mu shue

Mu shue was My biggest and best brother who went to the bridge on Juily 22, 2008 from Finine Lymophma. He also had heart deses and kidney disney and irated Bowal syndrom and Had High thyrodio that was fix. Mu shue was a Hero cat who saved me and Not so Babby Iris from a fire in our apt. His death left a huge hole in our hearts. Mu shue always wanted to help someone weather it was just making sure my hello kitty were taken care of while I was sick or saving a wofie even though he hated wofie. Or just being the best cat he was.

Why Feinline Winn: Feline winn Foudation is an helps other cats though recerch into cat deeses we hope by cureing cat desises that no Mama or sister or brother will have to feel the way we fell. Aslo if we can find a cure for cats we can find a cure for pepole

Where: Grandma House In Newton, Ma

When: September 28 , 2008 - The day after mu shue would have been 18 and lived her 13 years Rain Date 29th

How can I help : Doatone can be made in Mu shue memory dirctrctly to winn Feline foudation

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