Thursday, September 4, 2008

13 sencences heard at our house starting wiff Maxie

1. Maxie why are you all Wet

2. Maxie why are you drinking my warm bath water

3. Maxie why are you in the shower with me ?

4. Maxie No you cant dirnk the burps bath water

5. Maxie stop trying to get into the burpys tub

6. Maxie must you and Iris dump all your toys out i just put them away

7. Maxie and Iris why are there toys all over the place i just put them away

8, Maxie and Iris must you guys play Nastcar raceing at 2 am in the morning

9. Maxie Ummm Thats Lilly Lu grizzy it might not be a good idea to sleep on it

10. Maxie I sorry Lilly Lu paw punched you for sleeping on her grizzy

11. Maxie i just ordered you you own grizzy in blue and Yellow

12. Maxie it okay to jump on the furter

13. Maxie I love you so I so glad your my cat.


Mr. Echo said...

So, why wuz yoo all wet?

Karen Jo said...

Oh, no, another wet cat mystery. Does Maxie know Billy Sweetfeets? I am glad that not all sentences beginning with "Maxie" are unhappy ones.

NinjaCat said...

Awwww, Maxie - it seems like you are fitting in very well in your new home.

Brenda & Ninja

Anonymous said...

Maxine sounds like a handful yet sweet :)