Sunday, November 2, 2008

man cat monday

After all the exment at the tracks I deseied to take a back and found this comfy place made just for a man cat

I think I sit her while i re calautaute my next move and try and save up a few temp-tay-tions for my latter vist to the track to night


Kaz's Cats said...

You're looking very relaxed there Maxie - just remember to spend those Temptations wisely.


Gypsy & Tasha

The Island Cats said...

Maxie...that sounds like a good plan!

Evie/VampyVictor said...

Is that because you had=-ed a few drinks at the track too hrrrmmm???
Look at those eyes! them is VERY relaxed eyes huh huh??


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Watch out Maxie, if yoo don't pay off yoor bets da track monsters may come and take yoor tail...or at least dat's what we heard.

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

You sure are one handsome mancat! Hey, our little guys here are already getting involved with the smaller tracks!

Eric and Flynn said...

It's good if you win at the track but not if you lose. We haf been released furrom our purrizen now and guess what our Beans brought us back furrom their Holly Days. You can see it on our post today.
You hafn't sent us your address furr our Chris Mouse cards yet. Did you get our address?
Purrs furrom Eric and Flynn

Ariel said...

Enjoy your rest...Hugs Ariel

Everycat said...

Maxie you look as if you have everything covered. You are one cool cat.

Whicky Wuudler

meemsnyc said...

You look very regal and mancat handsome!

Beethoven said...

Hey guys, you're invited over on Saturday! Here's the invitation!