Friday, November 21, 2008

ferice fighter firday : rembering Kayla and Mu shue

Today is the day we rember those who came before we rember the resion Max and I live here and we pay tubtie to Mu shue and Kayla My mama said she do this post with out leaking but so far it not going to happen she sits her with stream of tears leaking down here face. I also very sad as i miss mu shue but thankful for him.
This is Mu shue at the bridge Mu shue faught IBD, heart problms, Lyomphima, athma, hyper tyrido. And he was the most sweet loving cat in the world. Better then a brother he was a hero. He waited to go to the bridge to make sure all his earthly duitys were done. He saved me and iris, He then made sure the twins were safely home. He then came back and said good bye to me and Iris. And in his very last act of mu shue bravery picked out Maxie to live here. He the most bootfal angle at the bridge

This is Kayla Voitle Shy. Kayla was a tiny solder. And mu shue best freind in the world. He she is at the bridge. she had FIP. she faut bravely for 9 mouths. He earthly duitys were not done when she passed so she always sent sings in blue brids. And lead mommy to me. I am named after her Lillan Kayla Maire. But it shoten to Lilly lu. She was so brave and Mu shue was her best freind it was like they were ment to be we sure they toghter at the bridge. She was probley the frist to weclome mu shue.

This picuter was taken when Dr C. Yes my woderflu vet took care of all 3 of us and now maxie and Iris too. She said make lost of memorys so we did. mama loves this picuter so much. mu shue and kayla were always toghter.

This is one of the frist mu shue picuter ever. he climbed in mama pooh bedding and mama snaped the picture it one of her faviort mu shue it just so him. I sorry it so light. We lost the orinial in the fire. The pepole who brought out what lilly mama had left broke it and ripped it she cryed at them why why why.


Everycat said...

Such beautiful memories of Mu Shue and kayla.

ZOOLATRY said...

Thank you for sharing thoughts of your wonderful Kayla and Mu Shue, both treasured friends.

Cory said...

That was a very sweet tribute to Mu Shue and Kayla...we never forget the ones who came before.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

These are such sweet memories..
(((Hugs))) and Purrs..
~ The Bunch

Daisy said...

Thanks for telling us more about Kayla, and of course I remember Mu shue! Soft purrs to you today.

The Island Cats said...

What a wonderful tribute to two beautiful cats...we know that they are dearly missed....

Beethoven said...

Mu Shue and Kayla are awesome kitties.

Anonymous said...

Ohh what beautiful memories!!
I iz so sure that they can feel all our loves beaming up at them :))
They was very special furry babies :)