Thursday, February 5, 2009

looking for home

Well some of you might rember that Jefferson that the mangment compmeny that own are building gave us are home last year after the press got involed. Well we cant belive it been a year but it has now it time to move on in April. We looking now. They want to raise the rent by over 300 and the compeny went got taken over again cuse they had no money. My mama is finding new place for us to live please purr rember last year we had a hard time adjusting only adjeted becuse of mu shue. Mama very worried about Maxie he dose not do change well at all. It takes him along time to adjst. Mama has a few leads on great apt that even better then this one for a little more green pappers but they huge huge huge.

Lilly Lu


Angel said...

Oh, Lilly! I am sorry you will have to move! I know that is stressful for kitties and Mom's too! I hope every one adjustas quickly!

meemsnyc said...

We will purr that you will find someplace great to live.