Saturday, January 27, 2007

sweetheart Sat (for dobby) From Iris

I wrote this for koote little Dobby Giggle Giggle

this is my frist poam i ever wrote

He as koote as can be
A great pouncer too
He likes his cat bed
and His big Brother too

We can have fun toghter
Pounccing on mouise
and mu shue too

I not mewoing about Just any kitt
I mewoing about Dobby
who likes me tooo

Giggle giggle


Dragonheart said...

Very good poem Iris! You are very talented!

Merlin said...

Dude. I don't know how you can like this little munchkin that much. He's allright, I guess, but... whatever.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Well, well, Iris, I can't say which of you is the cuter, Dobby or you.

What a cute little couple you make.

And a very good poem, too.