Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adddicted to treats Lilly Lu

Hello my name is Lillan Kayla Maire but you can call me Lilly Lu and i am adited to treats. It all sarted way back long ago i used to love dairy temptaytion but back in may when maxie was hurt and his ephousose could no longer eat treets the treets went away untill maxie could eat them too. Mama gave us freezed dryed chicken i never got into it like maxie and iris so i was treetless then when maxie was all better we meet the temp-tay-tions again only this time chick-hen and my new faviort Greenies on how i long for my treets. Before i knew it became all i thought about. Last night i did not eat my dinner due to my holding out for a snack that never came. Then it all came to a bad blow up last night around 1;45 am I was so hungry and all i could think of was treets I notmaly sleep in a cat bed and iris sleep on her pillow between mama and dadddy mama had the treets in a draw in her night stand I had to have them and I risked it all waking up mama and dadda being in iris way being paw punched i had to have treets. I jumped on the bed and stared useing my claws at mama feet she did not like this but she was still hald alseep so i risked it and sarted to walk to the night stand on the bed only problem Iris thought it was time to play and started to paw punch me so i had to defed my self. I heard a big loud ENOUGH GIRLS I AM SLEEPING NEXT TIME YOUR BOTH OUT. Finaly i got to the night stand and tryed to open the draw and nocked the lamp on the floor braking it. in my quest for trets Iris was very upset and mama was too she picked us both up thow us out and closed the door. Iris meezed and meezed and waped me for getting us thown out. I told her to cut out the meezing she told me i should meeze more but i no meezer. I started to work on rhat door with my claws frist i sratch it then i started using my paw to open that door. Finlay after about an hour i got it open I was after treats again and iris clamed her pillow again. as I type this i have still not eaten my dinner or been rewared for all my hard work with treets I am a bit upset about this. I love my treets and need more and more

Lilly Lu


Sparkle said...

Wow, Lilly Lu, your human is really a hard case!

Angel and Kirby said...

I would suggest that you eat your dinner!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Lilly Lu - we understand. We have gone through it here - Barney and Virgil know the treats are in the closet and will sit and stare for hours, and try to get them. We have broken stuff to get treats. We even stole doggie treats to try them - they were chick-hen flavored. Mom finally told us if we are not good and eat our dinner, we would not get treats. So now we are good and eat our dinner, then we get treats if we are good. So we think you should eat your dinner, then your mom will maybe give you treats as desert.