Thursday, May 26, 2011

It offical - Callie Rose

I keeped telling Mikey to behavae better I said Mikey don't pounce on Lilly Lu that much Mikey dont piss of Maxie. Mikey you should not like all that plastic it not offical yet you need to be on your best behavor they could send us back we no have collors yet wiff are names and Lilly Lu Maxie and Iris all do Mama clamed it was becuse she wanted us to have Bling callors wiff are names in Rind Stones like Maxie Lilly Lu and Iris have and she could no longer find it. But she said that today was they day she was going to get them she came back wiff a pink one wiff a rose print for me wiff a Pink heart wiff Bling that said Callie Rose Mike got a black one wiff a black and gold tage that said Mikey so it offfical we officaly live here I was so pround i went and showed Maxie who though we should cellbrate wiff treats so i begged for them and let him have his share and I got some for being a great freind to Maxie. Mikey celbarted wiff a round of feather on a stick followed up wiff a can of his favorte food for dinner. So now that it ooffical mama said tomorow we get to celbrate even more by going to the staby place i not sure that away to cellbrate Maxie said all you need to do is go phyco and you get to sleep at the stabby place and only go for shot and stabbys


Angel and Kirby said...

Callie Rose and Mikey! We are so happy that you are official! We know your new collars are very pretty!

Sparkle said...

Concatulations, you two, on becoming official!

P.S. Callie Rose, I would not trust Maxie's vet recommendation. Srsly.

Marilynn said...

We love your blog -- you've made so many changes -- and it's BEAUTIFUL!! And we're very happy about the additions to your family, too. So much fun and action!

Love, All of us at Grace & Company