Thursday, June 30, 2011

A quick update

Are Burp M is home after her big sugery she had lots of dr appoiments and test and will prpbely need another sugery in the fucher I Iris have to take speical care of her I need to lay on her head and Purr when she sleeping to make sure she okay. Beccuse I been told My Purr is the best medison I have to be very carful of her chest becuse that were the Dr did her sugery I have to have  Mikey  on her feat so she stay in bed when she sleeping. I also I have to keep track of the Lap sitting  becuse we need to make sure that her lap has a cat in it at all times. Then  I have to make sure if ther no cat that one is sitting next to her My Job never ends.  She can't ride a bif wheel or a Triyical or go swimming take a sokeing bath for a whole mouth.

Are anther two Burps who are no longer Burps but now littler girl and boy are truning 3 on Monday so we having a Party. This is the frist real freind Party When she asked them for there imput on a Party Ashylnn said Amimals with princess crowns and pink  and Dylan said Water sports running around and Blue cake. So Mama found a Farm not far from the summer place witff a splash pad that even M can get wet in cuse she just cant be soking in water but she can get wet wiff a petting farm too. She doing a dubble brithday Party  Then she doing one for Family on Monday she fund the cuest dresses in Red white and Blue for ashlynn and M. and a cute tee shirt. Stay Tuned for Monday were Maxie and Mikey will team up and Intewivw them. Maxie will take his girl Ashynn and Mikey Will take his boy Dylan.

The Lilly Lu news Starting Lilly Lu

Hi Cats Yes it me good old Lilly Lu well after my four teeth were extracted I am acting like a diffent cat Mama alsmost called the Vet to Make sure she got Llly Fritz back not Lily Fitz since we were both whiteand Black and next to each other . No fear I just fealing Great better then i felt in year I deecover this game Iris and Mikey play is kind of fun when you not the chacey so i  started to chace Callie Rose  Maxie get mad And I land up Pounced on I also decover I love love love the out side. I have a sceaned in proch to go out on but  there also a dec and mama found one those pop up tents for 20.00 and I love it Mama thinking of re investing in a stroler for me I also desied I no longer Like the food I ate for the last year I love crunchues now so I no longer want the wet food so when she offer that brand I just tip it right over Mama said That fine LL you just be hundgy but I have a feeling I wont becuse i know there going to be Ice Cream flying around her in the next few days. Today for the frist time in a very long time i played so feather on a stic then i was so tired I took a nap


Sparkle said...

You kitties are all such skilled at nursing - I am sure M will be better all that much faster! I am looking forward to the birthday party, which sounds like it will be loads of fun!

Angel and Kirby said...

We know M is in very good Paws. You will take good care of her. Lilly Lu, that is great news. We are glad you are feeling like playing!