Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thanks for the purrday wishes

Hi every cat thanks for the purrday wishes we just going to share a little bit about what we got. Our Bup M is sick so we did not get as much time as we should have but mama came home and gave us are gifts

LL - I got a new pink heart shape bowl wiff my name in side it, I love it becise it wide enough not to streess my wiskers  I also got a new pink bed I alrady naped in since this is my speitely. A big bag of greenues chicken fkavored my faviort I had a few yesteday and I not sharing, and I got the most exciteing gift yet. It might not be to the rest of you but to me it was. A brand new litter box so i can pee in one an poop in the other and i do not have to uses the floor becise one is dirty it hard sharing your box wiff 4 other cats yes we have 5 litter boxes so this is a spare just for me. Also it has a strudy fram so i can rest my front paws up on it and they dont have to get littery while i do my busssenss. I was so excited i used it insted of the floor last night to do my busssess

Iris i got a new foution that has a light to kill germs a new track ball mama said she found a star chacer for 3.50 on at pet smart so she grabed it since she knew it was miss marked and then they gave it to her for free becuse it was muss marked and then becuse she saved money on that she got me  mousie called a woolue bully and and another a catnip ball and a yowal cat nip banna that mikey got to before me and well ut now has holes in it . But it okay Becuse we gave Lilly lu a good brithday chaceing for my brithday maxie Mikey and I desied to give Lilly Lu a run for her food we even go Callie rose enoved at one point it was the most fun  LL was compling that it was her purrday to and we should have just lefte her to eat and nap what fun would that be.


Angel and Kirby said...

We hope Bup M is not seriously ill. WE are still sending lots of purrs to her!

It sounds like you had a great Birthday with lots of presents

Sparkle said...

Cool gifts! Especially Lilly Lu's EXTRA litter box! I wish I could have one of those, but the other two cats here would be totally all over it. I can't call anything totally mine around here...

The Island Cats said...

Oh we are a little late...but Happy Birthday! We hope it was happy!!