Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day and an update

we just want to wish a happy fatherday to all the daddy out there espely mr BG we love you Mr BG.

LL had four theth extracted and seems no worst for were. Mattter of fact she acted worst to her Vacinince then she did her theeeth being pull only now she relly needs to poop she not gone in a few days. And she fells she should be alould seconds in can food becuse she was getting it for a few days but now she back to cruchies and she wants that and her extra can food standing by the fridge door mewoing.

Are Burp M is feeling a little bit better.  She has some heart problems that she was born wiff and she got phomina and quickly became very bad landed her in the hosputal for her heart she needed sugery to make her heart a little better so she has to spend some more time at the vet getting better before she can come home. We are hopful that she will be home soon and Iris said that it her job to nurse her brup and that she can do a good job at it and Mikey can help take a shift if he very gental wiff her.  Yesterday they wanted her to walk and she was saying no no no so they got a dogggy and they said will you walk the doggy he needs his walk and off she went.  when they asked her if she liked doggys she said yea but I love my Iris.

Funny Story from Tifts about LL

LL came home wiff picuters it turns out she was placed in a cage next to a Lilly Fitz and she is Lilly Fritz and Lilly Fitz is white and black too so they started to take picures and LL started poseing and begging for treets


Sparkle said...

Thanks for the update - it sounds like LL is no worse for wear post-dental! I am still purring for Burp M - I hope she can come home soon! I know Iris will do a great job of nursing her.

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy Daddy Day to your BG from us, The Katnip Lounge Kats!

We are happy LL is no worse for the wear and we're purring for your blurp M.

Angel and Kirby said...

We have been worried about all of you. Glad every one is doing better.