Friday, June 3, 2011

we are fine

Some of you might have heard about the deadly twister that hit Ma on Tuesday Night we are fine we live much father to east over 100 miles there were so very bad thunder and lighting stroms but that was all. We also stay for the summer very far east so we did not get hit with as much. but are thought and purrs go out to those who live out west and lost everything. One women pushed her child into a bath tub and piled on top of her when the house collopsed on they she died saving her daughter who lived. No buddy took warning sesouly since Torondos just do not happen here in Ma.  We used to blilzers we even had a microbust last year but nothing like this in over 65 years.

We are all enjoying the summer cottoge it has 3 room and a loft and a 3 seson porch and a patto it nessled in the heart of this summer resort wiff losts of fun things for are burps and humman  Mr Bg and are Burp Dlyan love to get up in the morning early before every one else they get up wiff the sun and they go fishing frist thing in the morning. we tell you all about are place latter

Maxie and the rest of the Gang  wiff out Mikey cuse i still no like him even if i stoped hissing and growling at him as far as i courned he not a member of my family yet


Sparkle said...

Aw, Maxie, can't you cut Mikey a break?

I am glad to hear that everyone is safe and the tornado was nowhere near you!

Angel and Kirby said...

We are glad you are OK. The storms this year have been terrible!