Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to get fed twice By LL

I been straving latey i dont know why but i just cant get enough sticky goodness but i figered out a way to get feed two times. Here is my steps

1. Beg for sticky goodness

2. gooble down sticky goodness licking bowl clean

3. make sure you drop one of two place on to place mat ( this is hard not to eat it but ever so imporent.)

4. Mewo your head off untill bowl is cleaned along with place matt leaving it looking as you not been feed

5. Find other human who has not seen you gobble down food and beg like you not eaten follow up with pouty look and the single mewo of huger and urnency do this part untill unspecting humman open another can of sticky goodness

6. If sing apppress do not feed that cat she already been feed knock it down and hid it

7 repepte step 5 untill second can of sticky goodness appress



Sparkle said...

Binga has a similar tactic, and it has worked for her!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Well done Lilly Lu - we'll try that later.

Furkidsmom said...

Very clever!! We're going to try that!!

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