Tuesday, February 22, 2011

thats it i cancleing my new paper

News papers are good for sleeping on and nothing else but this week has been very bad it start off wiff grandma fowarding mama an artical from the new yourk times. This artical talked about why you should not sleep wiff your pets WHAT THE HECK I NEED TO SLEEP ON A BED I showed it to iris who sleeps right bweteen maam and mr bg and she said it need sherding.

Then today the walstreet Jourinal came out wiff an artical about obisie pets at the time i was sitting helping mama wiff her ceral milk and wipping cream on her hot choclet she read it and she said LL WERE ARE GETTING FIT. She pushed me offf the table and said you dont need that and i cutting back your food no my treets and i am going to give each of you a 15 min play sestion. Iris was excited about the play. So she started she went to the gym and then came home and started with iris play time iris loved haveing 15 extra play time a day then she moved on to me she waved a feather i sleeped she used a lazor i sleeped she put on the fling a ming sting i yawing and roooled over she put on the cat tv i sleeped and she said FINE LILLY I AM DRAMTICLY CUTTING YOUR FOOd and she went to maxie who looked at her like she had 5 heads I like to remind her when my food was awitehed i got fatty liver disese. She said that It i am doing something about this ringt now i getting you a new play mate will will chace you more becuse your the lazyest house cat in the world Heck i worked hard on that

Lilly Very upset Lu


Sparkle said...

What is wrong with humans - do they have to believe everything they read about us kitties!? Humans write those stories, so what do they know?

Angel and Kirby said...

We agree that the news papers need to stay out of kitties lives!