Tuesday, February 8, 2011

question answered

Mamma Laura here are the answers to your question you keep asking

Maybe I did put my faviort catnip ball behind the couch. After all i did drag it down two fights of steps to play with it.

Yes I do want you to move the very heavy couch to get my ball back and while your there Iris would like the half dosen tailless mousies back that are behind there too.

Yes i do have to look at you like you have 5 heads when you say your not moving the couch to get my ball becuse i know you are so just do it allready.

While were on the subject of couches i do not like to collor of that one so yes i must igore my pefectly good post and uses the italin leather sofa thats why the couch is there

Yes I do like to leave my smelly gifts for when your about to go to sleep so your never forget me I know the linger but maybe you should be faster with the litter scoop.

While were on the subject of Litter yes my box is starting to smell and you should change it right now. Yes i know it is midnihgt but i am your number one prority

No idea how LL got that huge gash in her neck it could or coucld not be form me But you must rember in any case i am cute there for i shall never be in the wrong

Yes i am glad it is LL going to the vet and not me I hope she has a better time of it then i do I mean please last time i went i had an accdent in my cage it not very manly so i do not think i should ever have to go again

No i have no idea were that post card Labled Maxwell Mufsa Millons went from the new vet say i need my shots and cheek up. and I have no idea were your cell phone is.


Sparkle said...

Humans - don't they ask the silliest questions?

Hannah and Lucy said...

Of course you don't know where the vet card or your mom's cell phone is - you haven't thought about whapping them behind the couch have you?

Angel and Kirby said...

That should answer all her questions, but did she move teh couch?