Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am speical by Iris

I beem noticeing  my name is a little off

There  is Lilly

they al end in the E sound and Iris just dose not I mewoed to my mama about this and she said do not worir my little munchkin you do have and E sounding name  your middle name Is Gracie and becuse you were named after one of my favort flowers i never hand thought of a better name for such a speical Meezer.

Then I mewoed If i am so special why do i not get more treats and always yelled at. Mamam answer was iris munchkin you make life instresting and are family is better for you and if you want I start calling you Iris Garcie  No i like just Plan Iris


Sparkle said...

Iris, I too wonder about this "special" thing - why does it not equal more treats?

Angel and Kirby said...

Mom loves your name, too. Cause her favorite flower is an Iris! And did you notice that you and Lilly have flower names?