Sunday, April 3, 2011

Callie Rose

Knock Knock is this thing on, I hope so My name was Cara but now I got a new name called Callie Rose Muffin Maire but you can call me Callie Rose The other girl who lives her "lilly Lu said so you be able to call me CR but for right now why i get to know my new name and home I like Callie Rose.

Let me tell you about my self I am 6 years Young calico Long fured cat I had a home were my owner died i when she die the family did not want me and instend of finding me a home left me out side to fend for my self this was very hard since i been declawed lucky a shelter voltree found me and took pitty on me But i was never at home there I like other cats but there were just cars every were. Two days a go a nice family walked in I could tell this women loved cats and I could tell this family loved cats. The women was nice she spoke quitly to me and i head bonked her and sat in her lap I was sad when the family choice Biscotti over me as he was way out going and going overbord to get a home i just sat silightely and knew that moment would come and then the women said I want this one she'll be my Callie Rose and next thing i knew papers were filled out and Saterday I got a forever home. I am still very shy this house now has me and my freind from the shelter who was Biscottti but know loves his knew name of mikey much better and A cat who plays alot A cat who sleep alot and a Oronge cat Who dose not like mikey one bit he mewo he rules the house . All i know is i am thankful for a warm bed a kind heart and a forever home

Callie Rose


Angel and Kirby said...

Hello Callie Rose. Congratulations on getting your very own forever home. You will love this family just as they love you!

Sparkle said...

Nice to meet you Callie Rose! I am very happy you found a nice home!