Friday, April 8, 2011

grummble grummble hiss growl - Maxie

You would not belive what they did to me I was the  head of this house hold it was good to be the man  Cat i had my girl my mom my pink blanket my own room my own bed  my own sisters who worship me and i can bug well every thing changed I could tolaralr a  new sister he naame is callie Rose she okay but when she try to take my sun sopts of sleeps on my side of the big bed on the pink blanket then watch out but she learning but this other male cat he invateigng on my space he loving on my mama and my girl he stealing my best pay mate he scartching my pole that i worked hard to get just right he need to go. Mama said Maxie get over it Mikey is here to say Well not if i have anything to say about that, I have now taken to showing who boss i will not eat sticky goodness well only a little and will on eat crunchy just to show her who the boss also i only get treats when he around well i don't what them then becuse i am too mad at him


Angel and Kirby said...

Poor Maxie. We hope you learn that you can play with him, too!

Sparkle said...

Maxie, I knew you would be upset by Mikey, but I am sure he is a nice guy if you give him a chance!

ML said...

Hi there,
I's just stopped over to say the CB is celebrating Mu Shue Hero Day today, 4/11.
Mu Shue was tha bestest hero we ever knowed.
Love & Purrs,