Thursday, April 14, 2011

Callie Rose update

Hi every one it me Callie Rose I just wanted to do an update I love my new home there so meany laps and That Maxie he relly just a big ol softy if you let him do what he wants you just need to know not to take his stupid pink blanket . Thats fine with me I sit right on a lap insted of a pink blanket I no longer locked up i around to go all over the house I try and stay way from mikey and Iris I love nip but not with Maxie as he become a diffent cat on nip. 

I am a very peaceful cat I rather be a lover then a fighter a lap sister then a blanket sitter a  greenie loveing food gobbleing cat.  It hard to get food that LL eats very fast so she has her own space to eat and Maxie needs to eat alone too something about it habbit since he got hurt,  He dose not look hurt to me he gobble down a blow of cunchies almost as fast as that LL . I Know i going to like it here I glad i got adopted by the best family ever


Sparkle said...

I knew you would love your new home, Callie Rose!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Callie Rose! Wow we are behind in visiting and missed so much - you and Mikey are both new since we last visited! It is nice to meet you - you are a beautiful girl and we know you are going to have a great life with your new family! Tell everyone else we said hello too!!

Angel and Kirby said...

We are glad you are settling in, Callie Rose