Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big chages

Hi all it Lilly Lu Iris and Maxie we going to tell you what beeing going on. Well we lets start wiff the smaller stufff two of are post were well warn out very well loved and they need to be replaced mama looked and looked for fun post you see me and maxie do not like Sisla to sratch purr carpet for us so mama found lots ones with sisla and so she found a few relly cute one on line well maxie took to them right away making sure he sracteched and scrached them.

Then are computer blows up smoke came flying out of the thing mama had never seen anything like it well i had to help mama pick out a new computer with pink spots becuse i love pink spots

I been smelling like poo alot becuse of the melarlax builds up in my systym and i get direada mama thinks she figered it out now but i had to go to the groomers

Now yesterday mama took the family to the shelter she used to voltree at the one Iris came from. It inside a pet store so she was to pick up a toy for us too.

If you rember maama told ashlynn she coudld get a cat for x-mas after they came back she almost adopted twice but they just did not seem like the right cat.

Mama when to meet a cat name Buff he an oronge guy Maire who runs the shelter was sure mama would love love love him. Well there was a cat an LL look a like but pure white who would not leave us alone buff could have cared less but Biscotti care lots all he wanted was mama and the kids as his family every time mama would touch another cat he run over and seek out mama frist thing he did was put his paws though the medle cage as to say take me home pick me no way your leaving with out me. So we called Daddy who the cat loved more and ashlynn said I wanted a girl cat well there was a beatful clam calico mamma just spent along time patting her and her purrr was like a moter she just semed to mesh she a lap cat for sure. Ans mama has SUCKER printed on her head,

So the new names are Mikey Tigger Dougless - Why this name well we wanted an M name for a boy you know it been Mu shue and Maxie and mamma could not brake so an M name it was she was thinking Mickey but then thought about Mikey due to the great dr stone at tufts who saved maxie and all boy cats have disey middle name Mu shue Winnford pooh Maxwell Mufsa Millons so she let the girls pick between Tigger and Woody and then buzz came up the girls whated tigger. and mama just like dougless

The girl is going to be Callie Rose Muffin Maire

Callie is named after Arsty cats Callie who went to the bridge LL is still best freind with Rocky. hopely arty catsy will come back soon. rose becuse he faviort flower is roses and Muffin afrer Mu shue wife who now is at the bridge with mu shue and Maire beacuse all girl cats are Maire at heart.

They comeing home today


Boots, Ozzie and Brenda said...

WOW! 2 new family members! Have a great day and keep us updated!

Angel and Kirby said...

Two new furblings! You have a fun filled house full!

Sparkle said...

How exciting! Two kitties with a wonderful new home!

Furkidsmom said...

What fun! We can't wait to meet your new family members!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Wow, 2 new kitties. The family is growing.