Friday, April 15, 2011

living life Mikey Style

Hi It me Mikey  I like to tell you all about me me me and how i spend my days. Frist thing I do is find Iris and we play play play our favort game is to wait for that Lilly Lu to come in a door way and pounce on her and make her run run runn iris helped me by pouncing on me. Then it nap time for me and Iris Iris said you just need to leave the maxie alone. But not me he fun to pick on too I love to push him out of sun spot and off the bed Iris said I am cureing for a bursing becuse that Maxie he growling hiss and swats at me  every chance he gets He said He hate me and he hates me Loveing on his mama who now my mama too and i tryed to steal his girl and I am not taking his sun spots he sure spends alot of time hissing he wont even take treets when i am in the room. Oh well his loss there lots of fun stuff here today Iris showed me the brids we we just at the window and i was going nuts  Mama always said I look just like LL and I should be nicer to her becuse she my twin Frist off i much skinnyer and faster and more fun then she is. Mama said she was a kitten too one can you belive that. LL is getting ready to celbrate her gota day she asked for  4. one money for  feline winn 2. no me 3. no Maxie 4. no Iris  she said Callie rose can stay along as she dont touch her food


Sparkle said...

Wow, Mikey, Lilly Lu has some pretty big demands for her gotcha day!

Angel and Kirby said...

Mikey, you better watch out cause Maxie will get you when you are not looking!