Wednesday, December 7, 2011

dear santa paws

Dear Sata Paw
it me Maxie. I have not been bad i just done things that need to be done such as the bathroom trashing and the thowing around my curnchies that were not fresh. Also the room trashing of last night it need to be done i got bord And about Lilly Lu if you did not want her to be pouncied bitten on why do you make her so pounced and bittyful. Now onto the List

Plasitc - I know mama said No know but i got to ask
more cat sticks
Treats in chicken
A new mr red dot the old one hit the dust

I expect these things under the tree


Dear Sata Paws

It me Lilly Lu I have tryed to be good but sometimes when a girl got a rubbley tummy things happen  so witht that help my tummy feel less rubbly with some greenies and some chicken sticky goodness

Love Lilly Lu

Dear Sata Paws

I tryed to be good with my new best freind Mkey but sometime Tlulp get looses and things happen plants get over truned and cats get pouned on and lamps get broken all not my fault

I like some catnip
amd some mice and a balls a new fether wand the old one hit the dust when maxie runied it



Dear Sata Paws

It me Callie rose

Please bring me any thing that maske maxie happy since he will steal all my gifts like he always dose also if you could talk to about the bitty thing he dose each moresing when he flops on his back dose a full monty in ftont on me and the uses his paw to put the bitty on me i do not like this but maxie seems to love to do this to all the girl cats in the house

Love Callie Rose

Dear Santa

it just like Iris said some time the too of us get together and things happen not are fults things get knocked and over truned  Totalty not are faults and abount that Lilly Lu pounung Like maxie said it just fun it not like i am the only cat to do it I mean Maxie dose it too and Iris too

I like cat
and some mouse
treats in chicken

Love Mikey

Dear Santa Paw

We are kittens. We are Cute. We are Ginger stuff happens

Please send toys

Honey suckle and Mickey


Sparkle said...

These requests all sound perfectly reasonable to me! After all, there are no bad kitties... things just happen.

Angel and Kirby said...

Those are very good letters to Santa! We hope you get every thing you ask for! By the way, who are Honey suckle and Mickey ?