Monday, November 28, 2011

Not me monday By maxie

Dear mama Laura

It was not me who knocked over the trash can in the bathroom looking for plastic and draged the trash out into the hall. It was not me who had a great time  playing with the TP going though the brand new full role of tp for fun of unrolling playing with and then shredding and it was not me who bit the hole in your shower curtin just Becuse i am the only cat who is not crazy to love plastic dose not mean i did do it I am cute  so you can't stay mad at the face for very long and when your done being made you can say your sorry with chicken treats

Love Maxie


Angel and Kirby said...

Oh Maxie, How can Mom stay mad ta that cute face!

Sparkle said...

Falsely accused once again, I see, Maxie!

Keith Andrea said...

.,Oh Maxie.,dont worry mom will not be mad at you anymore with that innocent face..

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