Saturday, November 12, 2011

it been too long

Wow we cant belive it been so long we so sorry but we had alot to do I lilly lu am going though a stage i never been though before it a running and playing and starting fights espely wiff Maxie who been in his second kitten hood chaceing knocking over trash cans for plastic it soo bad mama has replaced all trash cans wiff heavy metal ones wiff lids

Are kittens are beening ween and sunflower is going to live wiff her new mom who is head over heals in love wiff her and Daisy the white cat is going to go live wiff a freind of mama.

But Honey suckle and Mickey will stay her becuse mama never meet a ginger she never loved. I thinking of dying my furr ginger  But mama said don't you dare LL i love you just the way your are your my Lovely Lilly.

Now on to mama the reason we not bloged. Mamma been depresed  for year daddy has been saying everything too loud . Mama went to a nerlougist becuse she has very bad migran and he was so annyed wiff he he made her get a hearing test.   mama been asking her real dr for year who told her she too young.

well it truns out mama has a sever hearing loss and the pattern shows it congetial and perment she need hearing aids and has to have the kids tested every year and her self too. It looks like dylan maybe following her pattern it not bad yet but they need to keep an eye on it

The dr wrote her a note so she could be condered for a hearing doggy. the doggy would respond to 7 sounds.

1. mama name being called behide her back

2. Phone ringging - Mama has it hoced up to the tv now so it flash but often miss her cell

3.  her almarm clock- mama dose not need one

4,  fire alram- they may replacce this one becuse she hear high stuff very well

5. fire, police and amlincess sincrenes

6. she get to chose the last two

However i not sure i going to like a doggy helping mama i mean i already help her I mewo my slinget mewo when i higry i jump on her to wake her up cuse i hugry i beg for treats cuse i hurgry what more dose she need to know


Sparkle said...

It's a good thing your human got her ears checked! At least she doesn't need a dog for alarms or for feeding you kitties, since you can do all that already! Actually, I didn't know there were hearing dogs! That's actually kind of cool (as long as my human never winds up needing one - I am not a fan of dogs, as you know!). But if it is a trained dog, I am sure they would make sure it was kitty friendly for your home!

Angel and Kirby said...

We are sorry your Mamma is losing her hearing. Even though you don't have a doggie now, you will learn to love one.


Wow, we're glad your Mom got her hearing checked and is going to get some help. We'll send purrs and prayers for her and for a good woofie to watch over her. Woofies aren't bad, we have to brother woofies.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Karen said...

glad she got her hearing tested. Is there anything to stop further loss? And hopefully testing can help the twins in the long run retain there hearing. Now does she want a dog or can she use the lights and other stuff?

Hope it turns out well

Keith Andrea said...

.,we're sorry for what had happen to mama but we're glad that she already have her hearing checked.

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