Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things i don't under stand by Maxie

There are things i do no understand  and i have tryed very hard to figer them out

1. why would they make plastic so yummy if they no want me to eat it

2. Why do i always get yelled at Maxie Stop that when i chaceing Lilly Lu around  I though i should excize more

3. If i  should not chace LL around why is she so chaceable all the other cats thing so too.

4. Why is it not okay to ashlynn pink blaket iur pull wool wiff it

5. Why can i not have more treat I love treats

6 why dose Mr red Dot stay hidden and only come out when mama not too trired to play with him

7 , Why dose mr dot drive me so craxy

8. why cant i get the ball out of my track

9.  why is it not okay to bit LL eaven after she started ut by gooming my ears

10. what dose LL being old have to do whit the fact he very very chaceable

11. Why cant er hve a hoilday Natinal Chace LL day or Notnal Nip day Or National plastic lickers day

12. Why do sun spots make me so sleepy anf night time make me ready to chace LL


Sparkle said...

Wow Maxie, you are a deep thinker!

Angel, Kirby and Mac said...

You have a lot on your mind, Maxie! YOu better take a nap to rest your brain!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Maxie ~ yoo are deep man! xx

Shane Kent Louis said...

what a huge list of idea! your such a genius!


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