Saturday, October 1, 2011

the meany sides of Maxie

Maxie suffers from MPD. He has two very diffent maxie He has sweet Maxie and Fracs  Max ( short for Factious)

Sweet maxie loves to cuddle go out side and sits in windows have his chin rubbed  sleep on his pink blanket is great with kids loves Callie Rose and is kind to other cats and is just a good sweet boy.

Frac Max Bits pepole lays on his side when he annoyed he chaice his sisters espely LL he bits LL and pounce on her. He licks and trys to eat trash bags he stands at the door and mewoes for hours  He chaces abything that moves he bits toes and is not very nice at the vet to the point were he need to take a nap ASAP,

Also summer is truning into fall were seeig more and more of the Fracs Max but after his fun is over will retun to sweet Maxie. He now requireing and demenind 30 min play with his faviort toy MR Red dot every night and will mewo untill his play time. He dose not play will with other as he tends to attac them during his play time and even bit LL so hard he put a whole in her side.

We love Maxie no matter what we just think it cute there two sides to him


Sparkle said...

Wow, Maxie, you sound like two totally different kitties!

Angel, Kirby and Mac said...

Maxie, you sound like our brother Kirby! He can cuddle for a while but then he chases Angel and makes her cry!