Tuesday, December 13, 2011

what i should not do by maxie

This morning I was having a great time and i was chaceing Lilly Lu and she ran and found mama laura right as i was making the move to the pounce bitty in the back move and i got yelled At Maxwelll Mufsa Millon how meany times do i have to tell you to stop that.

so she said Maxwell i going to tell you all the things i do not want you to do

1. Chace Lilly Lu

2. Bit Lilly Lu

3. Trash the bath room

4. Knock over garbabe Can

5. trash your room

6. Leave yout toys in the middle of the stairs so i trip over them

7. lick and eat plastiic

8. put holes in my new jeans

9. Scratch the Ladry Hamper

10. eat though a bag of unopen Lilly Lu treats

I ask you if i cant do any of these things then what do i do for fun when i get bord. This is what make a maxie a maxie cat she would not want to take away the esssess of my cute gingner persaltly would she


Angel and Kirby said...

That is a lot of don'ts, but you can nap, eat, play nice, scratch on the scratchers... We are sure there is more that a cute ginger boy can do that is good fun!

Sparkle said...

That list looks more like your favorite things to do!