Saturday, August 6, 2011

getting more food by Lilly Lu

Do you evere hear the words your a little chubby i am rashitoning your food 
Have you been heard that the word no more food?
Do you have a rubbley tummy ?

Well cat I have purrrfected a metond on getting extra food. I get feed in the am and the pm so this is what i do

Morning: wake up with earlyest riseing humman ( in this case it mr bg and Dylan ) Mewo at them to give you extra food give sad eyes. do this two to 3 times getting more food each time. Finaly when they say no LL we can't Mama Laura will kill us go up stairs and wake her up paw in the blatter, and blocking nose and mouth and paw poke work every time. Alrate methods for day so for monday wed firday uses blatter trick tuseday thusday uses blocking air way trick ( some how mama said she like to breath so this one can only be used a few times aweek, All other day do claw poke where you uses one claw and poke and when they think they going back to sleep you poke again just enough so they know your hurgry then go aroud to ear and Mewo in it

Mama will get up and feed you your extra half of can food

In eving once your feed ear at fast as you can leaving norhing act up set when plate and place mat not cleaned

Mewo to unspecting humman  that your straveing glup down food mewo again to have everything clean no one will succpect a thing

During day consetly mewo for treeets and uses sad eyes and paw on lhummand leg till treets apprere once get treets repeate sevral times day till dinner

I hope this help cats get the body i have it took alot of work to puurfect this rrootine and to become 14.8 pounds of fluffy sppottyness


Sparkle said...

Some of these sound like Binga tricks!

Angel and Kirby said...

Thanks for the tips. Lilly Lu! We all been told to loose a pound or two! WE will have to try these things