Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Mom - Lilly Lu

Dear Mama,

I do not feel you understand my needs so i will once again tell you my needs and the rules you must foollow

1. Food- there never seems to be enough i am hugry takeing my food splitting it in half and giving me half in the morning and half in the evening will and dose not work for me i loke food left out at all time to crunch on and you should be giveing me dobble posion i did not became a 14.8 lb body with out work and i do not want to love any of my lilly love in the tummy.

2. Treats - I love chicken flavored greenies i demaed more i should not have to do tricks for treets just leave me the bag i take care of it

3. Uses of the front door, I love to look out it i do not like the window or anything else I am tired of heraring Lilly Lu i am not paying to ac the out side i closeing the door

4, Nap spots There are not enough good one that i can have peace i deamade more spots !!

5, silbling I had it since you took away my stamps and magic set I have no choice but to put them all up for sale on ebay there driving me nuts Maxie will not let me lick his ear and then you take his side mikey and iris chace me  i do not like this one bit and mikey has been invadeing my treet time and getting my greenies this must stop i can not stand mikey and i am hunrgy i do not like to share

If you do not follow my rules i will hack up a hair ball in your shoes


Angel and Kirby said...

Poor Lilly Lu! I am afraid you will have to start hacking! Try the bed. Mac has left presents there for our Mom and Dad!

Sparkle said...

Those are a lot of demands! I think your human may have to start doing without shoes.


Ut oh....the hairball in the shoe threat. We think things will turn around really fast!!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie