Sunday, August 7, 2011

sometimes - Callie rose

Sometime the other cats play rough with me. I hate this becuse i am a gental cat by nautre i am a lover not a fighter.  I have no claws and i sometimes get picked on So sometime when my tail gets a little frazzed and i can't fight back becuse someone declawed me before mama Lauta had me I have no choice but to uses my mouth. Mikey I told you to stop picking on me I do not like it. We come from the same sheter and you should play nice with me. I know sometime your little spots trun into devial horns and your bord.  I am sorry about your tail. but i do not have claws to fend you off


Angel and Kirby said...

Callie, all is fair in war!


Sometimes a cats gotta do what a cats gotta do!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Sparkle said...

Callie Rose, Mikey should know better, so he deserved what he got!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Yoo hafta stand yoor ground ~ we understand!

Happy World Cat Day!

meemsnyc said...

Don't let them pick on you! Hrmph!

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